Mack the Beret…

As winter recedes and spring rejuvenates, Kraftworkin’ Kitsch finally brings you one of the final hats created this season: The Star Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Lawson.

I’d seen this pattern several times and knew I wanted to knit it up; but it wasn’t until my good friend Mackenzie and I took a trip to her local knitting hole in Providence, Fresh Purls, and saw one knitted up in a beautiful eggplant colorway of the Austermann Natura yarn that I decided it was a must make: for her.

She modeled the sample several times in store, I squealed with delight, and she picked out a skein of Natura she liked. Away I knit. And finally, the snaps are in, which means I can finally (!) gift it out to her. Even though winter is on the back burner, I think this would be an excellent springtime nip in the air beret, as well as an excellent fall accessory. Plus, there’s always next winter.

Knitwear never dies in these parts.

You can track details on my Star Crossed project here.

As always, more snaps of what I’ve declared the Mack the Beret (for Mackenzie, nicknamed Mack, who don’t forget!, has a Mackenzie Makes column here exclusively for KK), at its flickr set.

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“If a woman rebels against high heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat.”

Even though I’ve never quite figured out how to wear berets or why they are fashionable, I have changed my tune, quite literally, with the creation of what I’ve labeled the “Cherry Red Romp Around”, which is absolutely the most incredible object to create a 360 turn-around on this whole beret thing.

I’ve been seeing all these adorable berets and slouchy caps on various favorite knitting blogs, and decided to have a goal to knit up one just like. But after playing around with some patterns and some different yarns (color, weight, itchy-ness factor), out came an entirely different one of sorts in this candy colored cherry yarn, which is not itchy and picks up the cabling and bobbling details that just sort of…happened.

It’s going to take me some time to create a pattern for this, since I didn’t write anything down as I went along. But I knit it up on size 7, 16-inch circulars using a version of a standard beret cast-on to fit my cable and bobble pattern. What’s more, it’s one of those perfect “Things I don’t need but have to have” items, because it takes a minimal amount of scrap yarn laying around, perhaps left over from an old project. So while it’s one of those accessory must-haves for fall, even in tough economic times, you too, can be trendy.

Expect me to post the pattern soon, and you too can have the “Cherry Red Romp Around”. Why romp around? Because that’s all I want to do when I put this on my head.

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