home additions.

I’ve been hemming and hawing over floating shelves for my kitchen since I bought and moved in last June. I looked at Ikea and hated the quality–twice. You can see where I’d hang them from most parts of the house and I wanted something sturdy and substantial, something that “shows” and is a piece ofContinue reading “home additions.”

tortilla chips / nachos / pintos.

During winter storm # million here in Boston (no, but our second official blizzard in 3 weeks–known as the Valentine’s Day massacre), I decided that the necessary reward for shoveling was homemade tortilla chips for nachos. Do you ever go this far? The thing I find about homemade chips is they are thicker than storeContinue reading “tortilla chips / nachos / pintos.”

too fucking cold.

This winter really does deserve as many of the Winter Blues hats as humanely possible. Not only is it snowpocalypse, but the bitter arctic blast still plaguing us and not melting any of the great white is an equally oppressive problem. My guy Sean was visiting from sunny Phoenix this past holiday weekend, only toContinue reading “too fucking cold.”

I will “wrestle” you to the ground if you think you’ll keep me out of this place…

Some chilly weekend nights, to cure yourself of the ultimate in “blahsies”, you need comfort foods and comfort friends. And just as I was feeling quite withdrawn and abit doldrumy from the continued freezing weather, ice covered sidwalks, and general “its nearly February in Boston” malaise that comes every year, my brother invited me outContinue reading “I will “wrestle” you to the ground if you think you’ll keep me out of this place…”