finished bow tie, 2.10

I really adore wearing bow ties, and it feels so satisfying when you actually made it yourself. I think this particular patterning looks smart with a bright pink collared shirt.

Sewing Notes: men’s shirting style fabric; not so lightweight interfacing; 1/2 yard of each; adjust buckle; completed in 2 hours and some change.


sewing bow, 2.9

I took a bow tie sewing class at Gather Here in Cambridge with my favorite shop owner, sewer, and teacher, Virginia Johnson, on Thursday evening. Since I’ve been wearing bow ties as part of a regular work clothing rotation and style, this class was kismet.

Snaps of the finished product, forthcoming.

spied, 1.13

In a fashion book that just came in for my library; its meant to give you inspiration, and since I’ve started incorporating the bow tie into my regular wardrobe to much fanfare, I thought it was fitting that the first page I turned to upon skimming the book was this one. Indeed.