oatmeal stout bread, 3.23

Gorgeous oatmeal stout bread I made whilst on vacation last week. This bread is quite easy, super hearty, and you can really taste the beer, which is amazing. The yeast works with the stout, which needs to be at room temperature when you begin; I used Guinness Extra because I know its tried and true,Continue reading “oatmeal stout bread, 3.23”

A triumph in five minutes a day…

Declaration: Artisan Bread is, hands down, the most delicious bit of carbohydrates you could ever allow to pass lip. And while I was afraid to tackle Artisan Breads because they looked far too beautiful to ever be created by myself, I’m so pleased to say that not only did I tackle the entire endeavor thisContinue reading “A triumph in five minutes a day…”

As the snow swhirls outside…the cinnamon swhirls inside…

I’ve been taking quite a bit of time for baking of late. Something about winter and being stuck indoors and snow falling aflutter outside makes for a strong desire for strong smells wafting out of the oven. Enter my famous cinnamon buns, which if you like overly sweet desserts, would not be on your listContinue reading “As the snow swhirls outside…the cinnamon swhirls inside…”

Breaking Bread…

Every winter I try my best to knock off a few more recipes from the incredible book my sister gave me as a birthday gift a few years ago. Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads is phenomenal; there are all kinds of breads. 100s of pages of breads. Sweet breads. Salty breads. Quick breads.Continue reading “Breaking Bread…”

Dusting off my life…

Ah, finally getting back to working with my hands. I’ve been so busy lately I really haven’t had a chance to a leisurely Saturday of baking, knitting, reading and music listening. In fact, my turntable had a thick approximately 1-inch layer of dust on it that would make any OCD-clean freak or music devotee shiver.Continue reading “Dusting off my life…”

Peasant 3 was sure to note, “Well, she turned me into a newt!”

…thank you, Monty Python. There’s nothing better than breaking bread with a friend, something I’ve been trying to make a habit of lately. While my wrists are just about killing me from all that dough kneading, those moments when the loaf cracks in two and the crusty crumbs fly everywhere, make those pains in myContinue reading “Peasant 3 was sure to note, “Well, she turned me into a newt!””

Breaking the loaf in half?

The Atlantic has a great article called “Half a Loaf: When Bakers Break Up, Who Gets Custody of the Recipes?” by Corby Kummer in the October 2008 Issue. It’s an intriguing piece on recipe sharing, recipe creating, and partnership–what happens when that ends? Do you split the recipes in half? Does one take them all?Continue reading “Breaking the loaf in half?”

Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy Jane. She wants a drink of water?

Today has been one of the most relaxing Mondays I’ve ever had, which kicked off with copious amounts of coffee and the smell of homemade cinnamon toast baking in the oven. Rolling out dough can be one of the most relaxing exercises, even though it doesn’t seem like it…and clean-up is never actually relaxing, forContinue reading “Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy Jane. She wants a drink of water?”

“Nose, Nose, Nose Nose! And who have thee that jolly red nose? Cinnamon and Ginger, Nutmegs and Cloves, And that, gave me my jolly red nose”

Yesterday, my cohort and I had an afternoon of craft-up and flick watching, and while finishing off some cabled fingerless mitts I’ve been neglecting for some time, I also decided to whip up a loaf of my by now famous Cinnamon Toast for Laura’s roommate Ashley, whose birthday is today. It made my entire apartmentContinue reading ““Nose, Nose, Nose Nose! And who have thee that jolly red nose? Cinnamon and Ginger, Nutmegs and Cloves, And that, gave me my jolly red nose””

The roots of bread baking…

Birthdays can be such wonderful things; thanks to my latest obsession with bread baking, my sister Nicki-Cha gifted me the brilliantly large New Complete Book of Breads by Bernard Clayton, which I highly recommend for any bread baker who wants whites, ryes, sour doughs, brans, oatmeals, sweet breads, corn breads, and everything in betwixt (neverContinue reading “The roots of bread baking…”