travel : UTAZ 2019.

The doc and I went on a pretty epic camping trip through the southwest this summer–that had us visiting family in Phoenix, Lake Powell, onto Durango CO, Silverton CO, Moab UT, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, a nail biting drive on the Moki Dugway, a stop at Monument Valley, andContinue reading “travel : UTAZ 2019.”

trips | xcountry camping.

I just got back from two weeks on the road–camping across the south and stopping in places like Louisville, Memphis, Shreveport, Dallas, El Paso, Las Cruces, White Sands, Phoenix, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs. It was a trip. I got a lot of reading, knitting, and sun in. It was magical. My field bag keptContinue reading “trips | xcountry camping.”

cross country.

Roanhorse Canyon, Navajo Nation, norther New Mexico–Sean’s grandma’s land. It’s the most perfect camping spot and the only one we got to hit up this summer as part of our cross country journey from Phoenix to Boston, where we are now together, putting our house together. Summer, why do you ever have to leave? SeeContinue reading “cross country.”

spring break.

I spent my spring break on two camping trips–I began in southern Arizona, surrounded by more than 5,000 saguaro cacti, and then flew to Savannah, Georgia to meet my mum and sister to camp along the eastern seacoast all the way home. It was a blast; the weather in Arizona was delicious, and I managedContinue reading “spring break.”

camp, 6.2013

This summer, I spent two weeks in the southwest, where my guy lives. Naturally, facing oppressive temperatures in Phoenix during the month of June, instead of simply sweating it all out in lethargy, we opted to chase cooler climes on a series of camping trips across Northern Arizona. Camping, after all, is how we firstContinue reading “camp, 6.2013”

Off the grid: Scenes from Camping, Day and Night Dos…

This was the corgi’s longest hike yet; and he did splendidly, but subsequently passed out, dirty feet to boot, at the campsite upon arrival back some many hours later. The hike was so densely wooded, we didn’t get a drop wet but were the only ones on the trail. Literally. We followed it all upContinue reading “Off the grid: Scenes from Camping, Day and Night Dos…”

Off the Grid: Scenes from Camping…Day Uno, Morning Dos.

At the weekend, I traveled off the grid into the depths of Chocorua for a camping excursion with my family. Arrival on Friday evening included setting up the tents and various campsite needs; the corgi, Sir Winston Churchill, loves to work, so he helped organize the sleeping bags. We ate simply the first evening; carrotContinue reading “Off the Grid: Scenes from Camping…Day Uno, Morning Dos.”