f.o. : morchella.

The Morchella Cardigan by Whitney Hayward was on my list for awhile and I bought the gorgeous Harrisville Shear yarn back in the winter with this exact project in mind. And then I didn’t knit, for awhile. Finally, this May, I cast on. I couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out. The ShearContinue reading “f.o. : morchella.”

wip | ramona light cardigan.

For some reason, this has been on the needles since 2017. I knit nearly 70 percent of it in a fury, in less than a week. And then, instead of immediately picking up the sleeve stitches and carrying on, I let it languish for more than a year. Until now. I finally finished this RamonaContinue reading “wip | ramona light cardigan.”

f.o. | elwood.

One of my coworkers is having her first child in a few short weeks. I’ve always loved the idea of babies in cardigans usually reserved for grandpas. So, I knit her newest bundle–a boy–an Elwood cardigan by Jenny Wiebe. I love everything about this pattern–the stripes, the shawl collar created with short row shaping, howContinue reading “f.o. | elwood.”

bed knitting.

I’ve been going through a particularly stressful couple of weeks. It will all lead to great things and changes for me, but its been trying at times and left little else in the way of craft, knit, bake, make, think, read, breathe. So last night, I finally decided to put time aside to hit bedContinue reading “bed knitting.”

labor day leah.

Getting back to finishing Leah’s Lovely Cardigan this labor day. Meant finishing the body, reserving stitches for the underarms, and finally casting on for sleeves. I see the end of this project in sight; its only been since 2011. I’m glad that I finally decided to get back to it instead of starting a newContinue reading “labor day leah.”

leah’s lovely cardigan.

At least three years back, I started this brilliant cardigan–a match to the one my friend r.r. had recently completed. The yarn is to die for and all was going swimmingly, but for some reason I put it down with nearly the entire body to the yoke complete and never picked it back up. ThereContinue reading “leah’s lovely cardigan.”

There will be no anthro-pologies when this brilliant cardigan stuts down the city streets…

This afternoon, since its kind of gray and all the other projects I’m working on seemed dull, I decided to cast on a bulky short-sleeved cropped cardigan with no button closure inspired by all those similar delicious cardy knits they sell for exorbanant prices over at Anthropologie. My version of the purply-drool worthy item willContinue reading “There will be no anthro-pologies when this brilliant cardigan stuts down the city streets…”