It’s been a cold, dark world for the cheese lover in me. For more than a year, my favorite cheese–an institution in and of itself in France–has been banned from US shores for one ridiculous reason: the FDA feared dust mites discovered on that crusty rind often likened to the surface of some uninhabitable planet in the outer reaches of our solar system.

And now it’s back. The other night, I procured a slice of this beautiful beautiful fromage for the first time in what feels like a dark, cold stretch of my existence.

Any other cheese lovers out there?

cheese plate.

My guy was in town for the extended holiday weekend. It was a blast just to catch up, relax, play cards, and make plenty of cheese plates to go with our pints of beer. It’s simply nice just to spend time, especially when you are 3,000 miles apart and see each other once every other month if lucky.

This slate cheese board was a gift from my good friend mack. 

Eating local…

If you’ve never had cheese from a local farm, I don’t know what you’re waiting on… it’s the greatest enjoyment your mouth will ever have, that is, of course, if you like cheese.

Actually, no. Even if you hate cheese, you’ll love this.

I recently gorged on some Sharp Cheddar and Horshradish Cheddar from two farms: one called Camelot, and one called Sandwich Creamery, both located in New Hampshire near my Mum’s.

Wow. That’s all I have to say.