Nothing screams holidays like extra dirty martinis in vintage mid century glasses and fair isle snowflake motifs in red and white. This hat ended up being an amazing stocking cap gifted before I could get finished snaps. It only took two evenings to knit, so I’m definitely starting another one this evening. Happy merry.

stockings | complete.

Homemade, with Pendleton wool remnants. I started working on this project and my mum finished it for me. Basically, she did almost everything–I cut out the patterns. Mostly because Pendleton wool remnants are quite hard yet for me to sew, what with my limited skills. I am so pleased with the way they came out;Continue reading “stockings | complete.”


Sean and I have a gorgeous gas fireplace in our living room of the new home. So it seemed fitting that I finally make some Christmas stockings. It is November, already, after all, and I had some amazing Pendleton fabric remnants laying around that I thought would be perfect for the project. The cuff willContinue reading “stockings.”

garter stripes, 12.2012

The blanket I knitted Sean for Christmas; it’s the three panel garter stripes afghan from Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans done up in bulky yarn featuring combinations of three colorways: dark heathered gray, light heathered gray, and camel heather. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out, but hate hate hated seaming the panels. SeeContinue reading “garter stripes, 12.2012”

xmas gifted, #4.

After gaining the idea from my friend Amy, I decided to make some plant terrariums for my Mum and sister-in-law for Christmas gifts. Let me tell you, it seemed simple, but was actually quite difficult to get everything lined up and planted nicely in our little glass tins. Mackenzie, ever the helpful friend, made 2,Continue reading “xmas gifted, #4.”

xmas gifted, #3.

Immediately when I saw them over at The Purl Bee, I had to knit up these adorable Candy Cane Bedroom Socks. Meant to be worn around the house, these socks are cheeky enough for Christmas, but perfect for any time of year wearing since their design can be perceived as much diagonal stripes as candyContinue reading “xmas gifted, #3.”