cinnamon swirl.

The smell of butter and cinnamon and sugar baking into a melted delicious yeast bread is my total jam. There’s nothing better, especially when a Nor’Easter outside whips winds and threatens the power on several occasions (good thing for gas ovens!). This is a simple cinnamon swirl country loaf. No raisins. No frills. Just deliciousness.Continue reading “cinnamon swirl.”

Dusting off my life…

Ah, finally getting back to working with my hands. I’ve been so busy lately I really haven’t had a chance to a leisurely Saturday of baking, knitting, reading and music listening. In fact, my turntable had a thick approximately 1-inch layer of dust on it that would make any OCD-clean freak or music devotee shiver.Continue reading “Dusting off my life…”