f.o. | stripes.

My modified Tea with Jam and Bread by Heidi Kirrmaier is finished and it fits like a dream. I’m really pleased with the finished product and feel like this will be one of the well worn additions to my wardrobe. Here’s how I did it: I love the neckline of this pattern, so I usedContinue reading “f.o. | stripes.”

Reinvisioning, reimagining…reviving?

I’m thinking of making another one of these Voluminous Vests and placing it in the shop. Of course, I’ll wait until August when people begin buying “fall knits”. This creation was imagined and churned out circa Spring 2009. It’s meant to be worn over-sized; the gigantic cowl at the top adds a little more crazyContinue reading “Reinvisioning, reimagining…reviving?”

Should I? Favorite Finds…3,567 reasons I adore fringe footage…

How badly do I want these delicious lace-up Fringe Boots? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for…and at a reasonable $78, I’m having trouble resisting. The only problem? The boots start at size 6, and even on my best days, it’s a stretch to fit a 5.5, nevermind a whopping 6. File Under: TakingContinue reading “Should I? Favorite Finds…3,567 reasons I adore fringe footage…”

Favorite Finds: 1,233 Reasons to Adore the Whim. Whimsy.

How badly do I covet this paisly pink dress from Modcloth? At $60, it definitely seems worth it, and absolutely gushworthy threads. But I guess I should save up some dinero, first? Similarly, the golden crysanthimum dress is equally adorable, but a bit more pricy, at $85. Why does whimsy have to break the bank?Continue reading “Favorite Finds: 1,233 Reasons to Adore the Whim. Whimsy.”