cactus mug.


The doc recently took a weekend trip home to soak up some sun and baseball. He brought me back this amazing cacti mug, which is making early mornings that much easier



I could drink coffee out of my Chemex every day if I had the time. This time, I tried some local, organic coffee from a roaster in Louisville, KY, that a close family friend sent for the holidays.

It was delicious, to say the least, and served up in vintage mugs made in Syracuse, NY, that of course, I found doing my favorite activity next to making things: thrifting.


coffee milk.

I drink a lot of coffee. Ridiculous amounts, in fact, which you know, if you’ve been a reader of this here blog for, say, a day. On Saturday, I visited my friend Mack, who lives in Providence, and we perused this amazing little local kitchen shop within walking distance of her house, Stock Culinary Goods. 

I picked up some local Dave’s coffee syrup to make a Rhode Island favorite–coffee milk. I’m going to get into it.

iced latte.

I’m not into frilly coffee drinks. I take mine black, straight up, no add ins. I’m not picky about my coffee either. If its there, I drink it. I certainly appreciate the best of coffees, but let’s just say, I can’t live without it, and so I’ll get it any way I can.

That being said, some days, you just need to shake things up a bit. Here’s my version of a homemade iced latte type drink. Just a touch of cream in the coffee, a swirl of chocolate sauce, and some whipped cream on top. If you don’t like crazy sweet things like me, this is the way to make your summer afternoon coffee a bit more like dessert.


My sister gave me a brilliant 30th gift this year: membership in a coffee of the month club with Citizen Bean, plus a chemex brewer and a gorgeous little bean grinder.

I received my first batch from Citizen Bean two days ago, along with a brilliant pairing of chocolate espresso dusted almonds. Brilliant.

coffee & love.

Hot pressed and cold pressed coffee from the incredible Intelligentsia in Chicago, from me and my guy’s annual windy city pilgrimage for July’s Pitchfork Festival.

If we could do this every day, we’d be, well, straight happy. Of course, if you want to see snaps from the trip, here.

coffee, 6.20

I wandered down the way to this little coffee shop in central Phoenix called Lux and boy is it a beauty. They not only are purveyors of delicious coffees and baked goods, but have a legit food menu and a real bar with serious mixologists.

I’ve spent the greater part of my afternoon here and am wondering if its happy hour, yet?

latte, 12.19


Yesterday whilst on a little school field trip, r.r. and I stopped into dwelltime, this pour over coffee bar in cambridge. Let me tell you: that brew was incredible, albeit the entire experience was a bit intimidating even for this coffee devotee. Above pictured is r.r.’s gorgeous latte, which for a very pregnant lady, was a welcome welcome dose of yes.