(wing)tipping, 2.2

Today, I was working out how to shoot my latest finished off–a giant, chunky knit that I whipped up last night in honor of a snow day today. But one of the outtakes from this entire event was a shot that caught two of my favorite loves in life: my scuffed up vintage wingtips and a mug of coffee.

I really enjoy how staged yet impromptu this photo feels. Of course, snaps of the actual knit coming…

chats, 11.21

Everyone knows I drink my coffee black with zero accouterments.  I tried a double-shot latte on Sunday at Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth whilst hanging around with Mack.

I don’t think I’m a fan of foam?

The sweet nectar…

I spent the weekend at my Mum’s house, sipping any and all varieties of Espresso and reading, which, may I say, might be the best way to pass a weekend.

There’s nothing like a double shot in early afternoon; this weekend, with disapprovingly cold temperatures, rain, wind, and darkness, the longing for Espresso for an afternoon jolt was even stronger. And sweeter.

Pictured above is a glass of Rosabaya de Columbia, which was this subtle albeit slightly sweet bean that really knocked my socks off. Yum.

Reader Request: Weekend Coffee

As part of my Reader Request series, I’ll be publishing posts based on things you sometimes desire to know, like one that recently came through my inbox: “How do you like to take your coffee on weekends? Go out? Stay in? Espresso?”

I’ll pretty much take it any way, but in the afternoon, one of the best things is to kettle a pot of water and hit up the French press. Often times, I don’t usually take to it in the mornings because, as most of you know by now, I take my coffee black, and a French Press can be hard on an empty stomach.

So afternoons it is. And in honor of the reader, I’ve taken some snaps of what that all looks like. Will you enjoy a Saturday cuppa from a French Press? Do, its well worth it.

File Under: Plunge away.


Finally! A much needed spring break from work.

And with that comes lots of free time to knit, read, and drink coffee. I intend to make a trip to Newmarket, N.H. to visit Crackskulls Coffee & Books, a great combination of two favorite things.

Over the years, I’ve had a few coffee haunts; I hope to visit them all in the coming days. Where do you like to grab a cup, relax, read, people watch, you know, that hoo?

Swinging into my day…


I have two important favorites in life: anything mustard-based or mustard colored, and, gnomes.

So, honestly, what could be better than receiving a gift from a good friend which features not one, but both, of these fantastic favorites…and introducing another absolute must favorite into the mix: coffee!

Yes, my good friend Mackenzie recently gifted me this delicious mustard colored gnome coffee mug, of which I can’t stop drinking my delicious good stuff morn, afternoon, and night in. The back inscription reads “La balancoire d’Arthur”, which means “Arthur’s Swing” in French… I’m assuming this little guy is Arthur, naturally, and I want to “swing” into my day with him anytime.

You can scoop up similar delicious products by checking here. Unfortunately for you, you don’t have such a splendid friend that gifts it to you. Thanks Mack!

And everyday that I’ve been good…I get an orange after food?


I’ve always had a slight addiction t citrus, but I think it’s increasingly becoming a problem. For the record, the giant (seriously, jumbo!) Naval oranges available in all the markets around these Boston parts of late are so delicious, it’s undeniable. The giant Navals have quite a robust, oft thicker skin than their smaller counterparts, but the pulpy juice is that much sweeter and drip down your face kind of deliciousness.

And for some reason, I have transferred this lovely citrusy addiction to my late afternoon tea consumption.


Might I suggest a modest Green or White Tea, two giant Naval orange slices and one slice of lemon to top the entire thing off. If I’m feeling extra zealous, I’ll even squeeze a wedge of the orange into the mug before I add the scalding water. It’s absolutely phenomenal, and quite frankly, as summer approaches, this entire citrusy obsession could in fact change your tea drinking experience.

Oh, also pictured above is the lovely mug my Mum recently gifted me, a super large (aka tall and wide) holder of all yummy liquids she scooped up in New Mexico. Squeal! When she bought it, someone suggested–because of its monsterous size–it be used as a vase, to which my Mum bluntly stated, “No, I think if you knew my daughter, this will not be used as a vase…I meant to buy it for her morning coffee.”

Right-o Mum-o. I’ve used it for the aforementioned citrusy tea, and of course, my first true love, the magical bean, that not-so-average joe. Speaking of Joe, you’ve got to scoop up a brilliant new find. Usually a fan of Major Dickinson’s Blend of coffee, I decided to give something new a whirl, and I’ve been blown away by First Colony’s Fair Trade Coffee, particularly the Peruvian blend. There are a whole host of others, all equally splendid sounding, and while it isn’t the cheapest of coffee, if you drink it black like me, this will change your entire morning with the newspapers, or heck, your all day if you suck that Joe down like me.


Think about it; maybe you’ll be lucky enough, too, to chug it down with a mug as gorgeous as mine.

“Eating rice cakes is like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling.”


One of the greatest things about taking a driving trip through north New Hampshire is The Bluberry Station–a wonderful gas pit-stop which offers up homemade dog treats, various snacks, and of course, free cups of coffee to those willing to buy fuel.

And there’s nothing that makes humble blogger go weak at the knees than coffee…the freebee thing is merely the icing on top the steaming java, since I counted out 20 dimes on my way in just for a hot cup.

File Under: There was a foam coffee cup. But I avoided eating it per Dave Barry’s advice.