The sweet nectar…

I spent the weekend at my Mum’s house, sipping any and all varieties of Espresso and reading, which, may I say, might be the best way to pass a weekend. There’s nothing like a double shot in early afternoon; this weekend, with disapprovingly cold temperatures, rain, wind, and darkness, the longing for Espresso for anContinue reading “The sweet nectar…”

Reader Request: Weekend Coffee

As part of my Reader Request series, I’ll be publishing posts based on things you sometimes desire to know, like one that recently came through my inbox: “How do you like to take your coffee on weekends? Go out? Stay in? Espresso?” I’ll pretty much take it any way, but in the afternoon, one ofContinue reading “Reader Request: Weekend Coffee”

Swinging into my day…

I have two important favorites in life: anything mustard-based or mustard colored, and, gnomes. So, honestly, what could be better than receiving a gift from a good friend which features not one, but both, of these fantastic favorites…and introducing another absolute must favorite into the mix: coffee! Yes, my good friend Mackenzie recently gifted meContinue reading “Swinging into my day…”

And everyday that I’ve been good…I get an orange after food?

I’ve always had a slight addiction t citrus, but I think it’s increasingly becoming a problem. For the record, the giant (seriously, jumbo!) Naval oranges available in all the markets around these Boston parts of late are so delicious, it’s undeniable. The giant Navals have quite a robust, oft thicker skin than their smaller counterparts,Continue reading “And everyday that I’ve been good…I get an orange after food?”

“Eating rice cakes is like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling.”

One of the greatest things about taking a driving trip through north New Hampshire is The Bluberry Station–a wonderful gas pit-stop which offers up homemade dog treats, various snacks, and of course, free cups of coffee to those willing to buy fuel. And there’s nothing that makes humble blogger go weak at the knees thanContinue reading ““Eating rice cakes is like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling.””