I have this thing for almond bark. The most amazing bark I’ve ever tried came home with my mum from a small chocolatier in the Swiss Alps, where she was vacationing. Little did she know this most amazing chocolate feast was not available for purchase online as well, and so that tiny supply which came home on the plane lasted all of…two gobbles, never to be experienced again (unless someone is willing to gift me a trip to the Swiss Alps?).

Since then, I’ve tried many barks. They have been good; great, indeed. But, why not try making it myself? With any ingredients I choose?

Enter my sea salted extra dark chocolate almond bark, which I whipped up yesterday after work. This is so easy, so long as you temper your chocolate! I learned a great tempering technique from this recipe, and now, methinks I’ll be making this bark all the time.

This recipe used whole almonds, 62% cacao chocolate, and some amazing fleur de sel for the top to balance out the sweet.

homemade donuts, 8.15

Awhile back, my sister and I decided to make three different types of mini donuts–blueberry glazed, plain, and chocolate. The blueberries came from the bushes at my mum’s house and the chocolate ones were an experiment that needs much more tweaking, but all and all, I’d make these again, most likely.

Donut making, however, is pretty labor intensive, so don’t expect to whip these up in a matter of minutes. It’s much more delicate than that, despite their not so delicate on the waistline results.

Of course, more snaps of the donuts at the baking flickr set.

two recipe project #5, fish tacos with spicy slaw.

Didn’t, unfortunately, get snaps of the fish tacos, but they were done on the grill and goddamn delicious, particularly when paired with this made up spicy cabbage slaw on the side, which was filled with jalapenos from the garden.

A hit, for sure.

I haven’t kept to my goal-unfortunately, its been so hot many days, I avoided the kitchen all together prefering to sit at the bar of my local and let them work over the hot stove while I have a cold beer. I guess that’s what summer is all about though, right?

As always, its all tracked at its flickr set, and maybe its really more of a fall project instead? Am loving it, regardless of consistency.

two recipe project #4, 7.7

Lovely turkey lettuce cups makes a perfect humid, hot night’s dinner. It’s light, refreshing, and doesn’t boast too many ingredients or a lot of time slaving over the stove. The fresh ginger, cilantro, and scallions are gorgeous in this and the ground turkey had loads of flavor.

This recipe is available in Martha Stewart’s brilliant special summer issue of Food Everyday.

As always, more snaps from the Two Recipe Project over at its flickr set.

two recipe project #2, 6.12

The next recipe in the two recipe summer project; things have been quite busy, so I’ve already wavered from my plan a bit, but now that school is over, the chances are further and farther that I’ll actually keep to the goal.

This is a warm dressing salad–balsamic, red onion, thyme, and shitake mushrooms, sauteed with olive oil in a pan. The fresh baby spinach is smothered in the hot dressing and finished off with chunks of fresh goat cheese.

It’s a perfect summer dish, really. As always, tracking the whole thing over at flickr.