Crafting the King…

In honor of the King of Pop (who I wrote a tribute to over at my music blog, Pulp and Circumstance Juiced!), I’ve decided Kraftworkin’ Kitsch will be making glorious 1-inch badges out of this delicious print of an MJ for President button, which I believe was concocted just after Thriller came out. Who wantsContinue reading “Crafting the King…”

Do-It-Yourself: Just Read This.

The New York Times has a really excellent piece on “The Ambassador of Homemade”, Faythe Levine, who has come to represent the epitome of handmade crafting in America. Levine, who has her own crafting shop and gallery, is widely considered the “expert” on the phenomena that is reimergence of handmade goods here in the statesContinue reading “Do-It-Yourself: Just Read This.”