I would want to…I am game.

I adore Lisa Hannigan. Not because she is crafty as hell, but because she makes deliciously sweet tunes (receiving a Track of the Day nod over at my musical love, Pulp and Circumstance Juiced! thanks to contributed Tom Lau of Nerd Rock and My Top Five fame).

And of course, her debut record Sea Sew features lovely embroidery work cover. And her music video for breakout tune “I Don’t Know” features paper craft making…all of which you see an end result of this incredible bit of paper art.

So enjoy some Lisa Hannigan as you craft. You won’t be disappointed.

Bazaar Bizarre…this weekend!

I’m definitely going to check out the winter Bazaar Bizarre on Sunday at the Castle here in Boston downtown. Does anyone want to go?

I had in mind I wanted to check it out, and I’m quite excited to see I actually know some of the vendors who will be selling their crafts at the bazaar like Accacia, who happens to attend library school with me and makes these bicycle caps I always wondered about since I’ve seen her wear them on multiple occasions.
File Under: Let me know if you want in. It’s only a buck. C’mon.