hexagons, 6.1

Even though I have three sweaters on the needles (all but one nearly completed), a beach bag, a pair of socks, and 8 gorgeous skeins of Alchemy yarn awaiting me for yet another cardigan, I’m working at times on a new granny afghan–this time, in hexagons which all share a white border. I’ve completed fiveContinue reading “hexagons, 6.1”

Happily ever…aff…ghan?

My brother, Bryce, finally got hitched. And instead of all that traditional registry hoo, my sister and I decided to make them up something they could keep generations of “Wolves” warm in for years to come–the first family heirloom of the Wolf children clan. So, we feverishly took to crocheting up a wave-style afghan forContinue reading “Happily ever…aff…ghan?”

It’s Monday Night…and I’m avoiding that afghan again…

Because I clearly have issue finishing a project before beginning yet another one, and because I am avoiding the fact that my Come Monday Night (which came a long time ago…and went) afghan might soon involve a major hunt to find more skeins of the yarns used (eek! why do I always start an afghanContinue reading “It’s Monday Night…and I’m avoiding that afghan again…”

Come Monday Night…came and went…

This what happens when you feverishly work on an afghan late at night–giant balls of unraveled yarn since you were so tired and oblivious to the fact you made an error in the pattern six rows prior… …and repeated that error every row. Re-doing a whole bunch of rows. Looks like progress on that “ComeContinue reading “Come Monday Night…came and went…”

Sometimes “Grannies” can be quite snuggly…or at least, “come monday night”…

Having of late been absolutely dedicated to finding inspiration for a new afghan (it’s been nearly 4 months since I completed the last one), that inspiration came thanks to the amazing CosmicPluto Knits, who is well on her way with a Giant Granny Square afghan, inspired by the equally exquisite Purl Bee’s traditional Granny Square.Continue reading “Sometimes “Grannies” can be quite snuggly…or at least, “come monday night”…”