It’s a romp in the shop! New item added…

There’s a new listing in the shop! The Ruffle Romp is a crochet ruffly cowl I created about 2 years ago and I just unearthed it from a box of samples and decided to list it in the shop. Quite frankly, I forget I even came up with it in the first place. It’s reallyContinue reading “It’s a romp in the shop! New item added…”

Zzz…this project has been hexa-gone from my thoughts…

I think, in the coming weeks, when I finish a whole line up of projects currently in the works, I should take some time to get back to my hexagons. Ultimately, I’d like to make the Ruby Hexagon Blanket by Nova Seals, and don’t know if I’ll be able to salvage these hexagons for thatContinue reading “Zzz…this project has been hexa-gone from my thoughts…”

“To be thoroughly conversant with a man’s heart, is to take our final lesson in the iron-clasped volume of despair.”

I have finally gotten around, after many many months, taken to getting shots of a cowl vest I created sometime last spring whilst there was still  a bit of a nip in the air. Crocheted up with a honkin’ large hook and some super bulky wool, this wearable is called the Voluminous Vest and I’mContinue reading ““To be thoroughly conversant with a man’s heart, is to take our final lesson in the iron-clasped volume of despair.””

“Don’t point that beard at me, it might go off.”

About a year ago (! I know !), Boston news photographer extraordinaire Harry S. Cahill begged me to create a “non-traditional” hat for him to wear while shooting the Red Sox playoffs. And this amazing beard and stash (of which I modeled after this pattern) was there result. Of course, he rocked it when heContinue reading ““Don’t point that beard at me, it might go off.””

Stay tuned for stripes…

Exciting news, my crafty kitties! I know this here blog has slacked on releasing new designs, projects, and patterns this fall; but I’m about to make up for a bit of that. Here is a small sneak peak at one of a few designs I will be featuring here next week. The items range fromContinue reading “Stay tuned for stripes…”

In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!

I am, no doubt, absolutely obsessed with Pickles. Yes, I do mean the spicy, vinegary cuke treats–but more importantly, for the purposes of this here site, the beauteous Pickles blog, a Norway-based blog that also features a shop of yummy yarns and patterns. If you haven’t made the Pickles blog a daily reading habit, whatContinue reading “In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!”

Happily ever…aff…ghan?

My brother, Bryce, finally got hitched. And instead of all that traditional registry hoo, my sister and I decided to make them up something they could keep generations of “Wolves” warm in for years to come–the first family heirloom of the Wolf children clan. So, we feverishly took to crocheting up a wave-style afghan forContinue reading “Happily ever…aff…ghan?”

I do feel skinny in this afghan…

A whole while bck–circa last December–I was in a frenzy to crochet up these extra long, super bulky, and wacky colored scarves for everyone I knew. And I’ve finally properly photographed the delicious neck sweaters (they so long and bulky you might as well be wearing a sweater that’s how warm they are) and thoughtContinue reading “I do feel skinny in this afghan…”

Spoken soft to me…I conjured up my own Bobble Boss!

Always one addicted to the beautious designs of my fellow knitting and crocheting compatriots across the interwebs, I recently fell absolutely in love with the work of a one Softspoken (which I mentioned at Kraftworkin’ awhile back, as well as bought one of her beautiful crochet berets a week or two back), and that isContinue reading “Spoken soft to me…I conjured up my own Bobble Boss!”

These colors sure aren’t “square”…

More amazing photos of the “Not So Square” granny afghan I’m slowly working on. Every couple of nights, I’ll take to making a few more circles, in the hopes of getting toward 70 for the throw of sorts I desire to make. You can check out even more photos of the progress on “Not SoContinue reading “These colors sure aren’t “square”…”