f.o. | mrs. kim cross stitch


For those of you that know me personally, I’m a Gilmore Girls fan. Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino, the show’s creators, are my heroes. The pop culture references, book references, quick wit, and well -timed and brilliantly curated music selections were, and are, near and dear to me.

And so, when the opportunity to make a Gilmore Girls inspired cross stitch that didn’t feel silly popped up, I jumped. One of the show’s characters, Mrs. Kim, is anti all music that isn’t religious. And so, it was fitting to make a sign that declared she disapproved of my music collection, and hang it above a selection of our vinyl in the living room.

This pattern took one afternoon to complete–my favorite quick project with rich rewards. It fits in nicely with the rest of my art in the living room and I like that it can be kind of a cryptic message– so fun.

wip | coffee cross stitch.


I worked pretty feverishly on this cross stitch back in August. And for some reason, I lost steam. This little chart of different kinds of coffee drinks and the components that make them will eventually be art for my kitchen. Or I’ll gift it off to a friend.

Consider this a push to finish this project.

What projects do you have languishing?


I stitched up this hilarious cross stitch pattern for my good friend Mackenzie, in honor of her 31st birthday. She’s a K. West fan and a lover of all juxtaposition; this seemingly antique feeling stitchery and script made for the perfect marriage to a 21st century rap lyric.

She loved it. Framed and gifted. Here’s a snap of it before framing. You can purchase the pattern from Raging Stitches here.

mum’s day veggie sampler.

Working away on this vegetable sampler to frame for my mum on Mother’s Day. She said she wanted color in her self described “boring” lake house kitchen–with a vintage feel. So what better than a handmade gift that tries to do just that?

Here’s to hoping I actually have it finished.

bathroom cross stitch.

I decided to make this cheeky cross stitch for the guest bathroom in my new home. It’s fun and ridiculous, just the way I like it. I never take myself too seriously, and this is a good example. Subversive style cross stitch is so fun and quick, too. This project took one weekend to complete. All it needs is framing.

My only modification to the pattern was not to do the vines on the top and bottom.

Grab the pattern from Alicia Watkins’ etsy shop Watty’s Wall Stuff here.

bed stitching.

I love to go to bed early; its my jam. At night, with little distraction, and plenty of quiet, I can read, knit, or in this case, stitch. Lately, my goal is to get back to long neglected projects and get them finished. This includes reknitting the length of some sleeves on my Stasis Pullover (which I completed almost a year ago but had sizing issues for my short arms, to which I will blog later), and this delicious cross stitch pattern I procured whilst visiting my guy on a mega camping trip through the southwest in August.

These Yeis are so fun to stitch; very rewarding. I can’t wait to finish this.


This pretty extensive cross stitch pattern of a Yei Bi Chei has been my go to small project since the beginning of August. I’ve completed about half of the design and am loving the results.


It’s been awhile since I completed a cross stitch pattern. I think the last one was the Pee Wee Herman I made for Sean’s 30th Birthday last year, which I don’t believe I ever took photos of either.

A few weeks back, one of my students came to me declaring she wanted me to cross stitch her a Beyonce quote to hang on her dorm wall when she leaves for college next year. Instead, I led the horse to water–I taught her how to cross stitch herself and 5 days later, she had finished her first project and the very quote she wanted for her dorm room wall. Since then, she’s asked for more projects. Success with the next handmade generation, folks.

And on top of this little success, it also hooked me again and despite several projects on the needles and never ending crafts I like to do, I decided to start one myself. This is a cheeky little DMX lyric; who doesn’t love rap tunes put to cross stitch? Since this picture was taken, I’m nearly finished the border. Snaps of the finished project, soon.

If you’d like to make your own version, I purchased the pattern here.

gnome, 9.24

When you have a midweek holiday, why not cross stitch something up whilst in bed, but awake, quite early. Now that I’m on school schedule, I tend to rise naturally around 6 a.m. But seeing as we didn’t have work today, I thought it entirely unnecessary to get out of bed.

And so I cross stitched another one of these little guys between the sheets.

What should I do with him?