f.o. | mrs. kim cross stitch

For those of you that know me personally, I’m a Gilmore Girls fan. Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino, the show’s creators, are my heroes. The pop culture references, book references, quick wit, and well -timed and brilliantly curated music selections were, and are, near and dear to me. And so, when the opportunity to makeContinue reading “f.o. | mrs. kim cross stitch”

wip | coffee cross stitch.

I worked pretty feverishly on this cross stitch back in August. And for some reason, I lost steam. This little chart of different kinds of coffee drinks and the components that make them will eventually be art for my kitchen. Or I’ll gift it off to a friend. Consider this a push to finish thisContinue reading “wip | coffee cross stitch.”

bathroom cross stitch.

I decided to make this cheeky cross stitch for the guest bathroom in my new home. It’s fun and ridiculous, just the way I like it. I never take myself too seriously, and this is a good example. Subversive style cross stitch is so fun and quick, too. This project took one weekend to complete.Continue reading “bathroom cross stitch.”