current addictions: may, 2011.

Top (left to right):1. Barcode of My Heart cross stitch pattern by andwabisabi 2. Linen cord (meant to be used in a lot of my handmade endeavors this spring and summer) 3. That Flighty Temptress Albus Dumbledore bookmark in calligraphy by sparrownestscript (because I g.d. love Harry Potter) 4. The Art of the Novella seriesContinue reading “current addictions: may, 2011.”

reader request: current addictions, march.

A reader asked in January if I’d do a series on my “Current Addictions”. What a brilliant idea, really, and a way for me to catalog somewhere, the things I liked, desired, wanted, needed, at the time. Well, I failed to make this happen in Feburary, but its March now, the weather might be improving,Continue reading “reader request: current addictions, march.”

reader request: current addictions, january.

After leaving the reader request series lethargic and floundering to last minute Christmas gifting and frenzy, a recent note popped through the box asking that I do a “current addictions” sort of thing. I have plenty of addictions. From top left to right: 1. Jenness Farm Goat Milk Soap (the spearmint, Cape Cod Cranberry, andContinue reading “reader request: current addictions, january.”