cheesy fries, 10.31

This was the best weekend, ever. It included one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever put in my mouth–dripping cheesy, gravy fries from Zaftigs. The gravy was surpisingly light and didn’t sog the fries, and the cheese wasn’t that fake goo. It was deliciously melting and I’m dying just thinking about it now. FoodContinue reading “cheesy fries, 10.31”

Coming ’round…

There’s no better way to pass time than in a diner. There’s no better way to pass time than in a diner when you’ve got no power. The other week, my mum went some 5 days without any electricity or heat; naturally, when she asked if I’d like to drive up, see the damage fromContinue reading “Coming ’round…”


Do you ever crave a simple dinner? I do. And being the sandwich queen, I figured there are plenty of concoctions out there robust enough to create so as to substitute a traditional lunching item into a full-blown, fully-filling dinner fixing. What’s more, I often love eating breakfast for lunch or dinner at my favoriteContinue reading “Egg-cellent!”