pints and purls, 6.2

Gorgeous BBC Coffehouse Porter; it was down the hatch at Bukowski last Thursday night with r.r., who invited me to Pints and Purls at Gather Here, a glorious new stitch house in Cambridge. Take a visit there; if you need tempting, r.r. has posted some delicious photos of the place.

yarn lust, 6.2

This is 8 gorgeous skeins of Alchemy fingerweight in Antique Jade. It’s going to be for Leah’s Lovely Cardigan, which is a complete copy cat of my friend r.r.’s lovely version, which is just stunning. She wore it into work the other week, and I felt weak about the knee immediately upon seeing it andContinue reading “yarn lust, 6.2”

gifted, 1.25

My friend Rebecca is an incredible artist and teacher. She recently photographed my apartment for a project and as a thank you (which was completely unnecessary as it merely required me to invite her over one Saturday morning, which I’d been wanting to do anyways!), gifted me one of her stunning fabric paintings. I loveContinue reading “gifted, 1.25”