cook | sheet pan shrimp scampi.


Quick but delicious weeknight dinners are my jam. I don’t like to spend more than 40 minutes but I don’t want to be completely boring or entirely routine. I like a bit of variety and I like to have a bunch of strong meals in my rotation.

I recently tried a new sheet pan recipe for shrimp scampi and it was so bomb. Instead of serving it with pasta or some other starch, this recipe called for a pile of veggies like zucchini and summer squash and bulked it up with some delicious parm toasts to serve on the side.

Everything is marinated in the same garlic, butter, hot pepper flake, lemon mixture and its only one pan. Grab the recipe here.



Is the best thing. I miss my visits to Phoenix, where patio brunching is a new year round possibility. Especially for ceviche and breakfast tortas and the best margs imaginable.

But, it’s better that the doc and I can now brunch any Sunday we’d like, even if it isn’t patio style.

I miss my holiday break; brunch even on Mondays or Tuesdays, and time catching up and connecting.



It’s been a cold, dark world for the cheese lover in me. For more than a year, my favorite cheese–an institution in and of itself in France–has been banned from US shores for one ridiculous reason: the FDA feared dust mites discovered on that crusty rind often likened to the surface of some uninhabitable planet in the outer reaches of our solar system.

And now it’s back. The other night, I procured a slice of this beautiful beautiful fromage for the first time in what feels like a dark, cold stretch of my existence.

Any other cheese lovers out there?

prosciutto / peas / shaved parm.

A quick meal whipped up last night with random ingredients I had in my fridge. I’m definitely one of those cooks that often creates wonder when not following a recipe, but a general concept, and bending it to what I have on hand. Going with the gut, that is! And I’m a cookbook gal. Sure, I look through tons of recipes online, but I think its ultimately harder to figure out what to cook. It’s overwhelming, at times.

So, instead of presenting you with some standard recipe, since I don’t usually post recipes, I’ll tell you what I did, in simple terms.

Sauteed some prosciutto di parma I had on hand from a leftover cheese plate until it was nice and crisp. Set aside. Made a parmesan cream sauce out of a dab of butter and a tbsp or two of flour (the roux), then about 1 cup of a combination of milk + heavy cream, then grated parmesan. Cooked up some fettuccine, then added the cream sauce, prosciutto, and some frozen peas (they cook really quickly in all the warm ingredients). For the top, just some shaved parmesan and Italian parsley.

Done. In under 30 minutes. My kind of weeknight cooking. What other combinations would work for a meal like this? Endless, it would seem…

We were definitely in a pickle trying to find late night eats…


Golf claps to Roadhouse, an offshoot of my favorite local watering hole eatery in Washington Square, Publick House. While I’ve always been a bit on the fence about Roadhouse, I am pleased as punch to say they serve a late-night menu to 1:30 a.m., unlike most all other establishments around my house.

And damn if it wasn’t amazing.

My good friend Mackenzie and I jetted out to suburbia, just about 30 mins. north of the city, on Saturday night to check out Amanda Palmer (one half of Dresden Dolls) and the Lexington High School Drama students perform their spring production, an all-student written drama based on one of my favorite records, 1998 indie cult classic In The Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. I’d previewed the brilliant concept in the pages of the Boston Herald more than a week ago, and I reviewed the whole event for my music blog Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced!

After the show got out, Mackenzie and I headed back into the city in search of eats and drinks and discussion of the aforementioned performance. And damn if the deep fried pickles, Hades beer, and some Flemish Sour bitter, didn’t hit the spot. Now, I am a sucker for deep fried pickles of any variety but these, especially after a rainstorm and a night of heavy heavy theater, were remarkable.

File Under: With the pickle that sings in my heart…