dinner party, 2.4

I hosted Mack to a decadent breakfast-for-dinner on Friday night, before we danced all of it off over vodkas and the gorgeous Swedish pop of Robyn. The menu included: eggs benedict with uncured turkey bacon, homemade lemon hollandaise drizzled about everything, roasted asparagus, and fresh cut southern style hash browns. Of course, someone told meContinue reading “dinner party, 2.4”

Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast? So says Mr. Wilde.

Yesterday, Mackenzie (who brilliantly dressed herself as Russell Brand for Halloween time this year) and I tried to descend on Bazaar Bizarre to check out all the great crafters’ wares, but instead, we were shut out. What’s that you say? Yes, we descended on the Castle around 4ish and found, much to our annoyance, aContinue reading “Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast? So says Mr. Wilde.”