overheard and (re)read, 7.7

A brilliantly leisure filled afternoon at my local bookshop, coffee in hand, I overheard an extremely loud patron utter, repeatedly: “Ugh! I hate hate hate Ernest Hemingway. Why do people think he was great? He is just plain awful. Awful. Kurt Vonnegut…there’s another one…” Which, as I tend to take these things (particularly when theyContinue reading “overheard and (re)read, 7.7”

All things truly wicked start from innocence…

With holiday weekends, I’m bound to try and concoct something new; and ever since I came back from a few days soaking sun and sand, I’ve desperately desired to recreate the most delicious version of the mojito I’ve ever had. Operation? Brilliant. Success. Gorgeous. You name it. The mojito is a traditional Cuban high ball.Continue reading “All things truly wicked start from innocence…”