process |shop.

I had an etsy shop years back–almost ten years back! I wasn’t at a time or space to really grow that shop or make it work. So, it closed. Lately, I’ve been thinking about certain aspects of my making–some of which I’d like to share with the world.  I’ve also got nearly a month andContinue reading “process |shop.”

Worn, 5/7

Today was a blur; seriously…but at least I was in good company: wearing my amazing Blur tshirt, courtesy the ever incredible Mozgrrl. It’s kind of a nice contrast to the standard working woman skirt; wear a tshirt with jazz and all that hoo to flex your style a bit…at least, that’s what I do. StreetContinue reading “Worn, 5/7”

(Knitted) Hearts for Haiti…

Knitters are doing amazing things to help send donations to Haiti in the wake of the terrible earthquake. I, too, have donated some dollars to Doctors Without Borders, but wanted to also do a bit more. That being said, I have contributed two items from my shop to Hearts for Haiti, an etsy collaborative whichContinue reading “(Knitted) Hearts for Haiti…”