western sunsets.

Here are two versions of the Western Sunset hat I knit up this month. The first one is amazing blacks and oranges and reds, and its perfect. The second I made to match my blue jacket but it doesn’t have the same power as the first version; color choice in fair isle knitting is suchContinue reading “western sunsets.”

Coming ’round…

There’s no better way to pass time than in a diner. There’s no better way to pass time than in a diner when you’ve got no power. The other week, my mum went some 5 days without any electricity or heat; naturally, when she asked if I’d like to drive up, see the damage fromContinue reading “Coming ’round…”

Another Neut?! Enough already.

Working on yet another pair of the Neutron Mittens. I’m pretty confident that numero dos will be my last pair for awhile. But I wanted to see how much this pattern changed as the colorways changed. You can follow my progress on these mitts at its Ravelry page; better yet, if I buckle down toContinue reading “Another Neut?! Enough already.”