drooling, 12.1

How badly do I want the Penguin Classics hardcover set? Gorgeous, drooling, sputtering, gasping, you name it.

Everyone knows I’m the forever book slut and this is the ultimate book porn. And even though I own most of these books in other editions (multiples, no less), I want this little baby more than anything in the world.

I’m also a sucker for Penguin’s Graphic Classics series. I have a whole pile of those, too. Clearly, Penguin knows how to sell a cover.

Get it for me?

Favorite Finds 222: Things Bears Love

One of my favorite websites of all time: Things Bears Love.

Honestly, it may be the funniest, most splendid thing ever. Not a single one is boring–because, welp, bears love things like overweight hikers, boomboxes (music for the slaughter), girl scouts (easy to infiltrate; free cookies after the mauling), drunks…the list goes on.

You should be visiting this website, like I do, on the reg.


Favorite Finds 3, 255: Etsy Suggested Shop Feature

I adore the new “Suggested Shops” feature on Etsy. As an Etsy seller and valued member of “handmade nation”, I firstly like to support other artists, crafters, and thrifters. I buy a lot of accessories, clothes, and kitsch on Etsy.

I do a lot of searches. I favorite tons.

But to now be opened up to a whole bunch of shops I might have missed–or haven’t promoted on the front page–is amazing. And most of the suggestions are really spot on!


Favorite Finds 2, 398: Holga…too hip?

I quite adore this gold Holga camera; at only $36 some odd buckaroos, its definitly tempting. Tempting, indeed.

Having never used a Holga camera, I can’t say I’d be any good at snapping with this baby, but I’d love to try, and always adore the effects it can produce when I see friends use it. Though, the whole idea of the Holga toting hipster repulses a bit–apparently, they sell these in shops like Urban Outfitters.

Still, it might be a nice treat this summer.

Have you shot with a Holga? Is it fun? Or too hip hip?

Favorite Finds 5,672: Coin Purses, Totes

Squeal! How badly do I want the adorable piggie coin purse (at left, “piggy bank” by Keecie, 35 euro/approx. $47) and this deliciously plain and downright functional messenger tote from L.L. Bean (at right, “Sunwashed canvas shoulder bag” in cocoa brown by L.L. Bean, $45)? It looks like the perfect size and color.

Wantsies, wantsies, wantsies.

Definitely check out a whole pile of other yummy items from Keecie. So cute!

File Under: Who’s buying?

Should I? Favorite Finds…3,567 reasons I adore fringe footage…

Picture 1

How badly do I want these delicious lace-up Fringe Boots? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for…and at a reasonable $78, I’m having trouble resisting.

The only problem? The boots start at size 6, and even on my best days, it’s a stretch to fit a 5.5, nevermind a whopping 6.

File Under: Taking wagers. In winter, you wear bulky socks, right? Can I pull off a 6 for these bad boys?