These are some of the things I’m obsessing over in my maker world, right now. From top left to right: local wool roving about to become thrums for some mittens like these ; mini sketchbooks in bright colors by clairefontaine ; cheeky rubber stamps for letters, stickers, and homemade wrapping papers ; paper thin stitchContinue reading “favorites.”

reader request: current addictions, january.

After leaving the reader request series lethargic and floundering to last minute Christmas gifting and frenzy, a recent note popped through the box asking that I do a “current addictions” sort of thing. I have plenty of addictions. From top left to right: 1. Jenness Farm Goat Milk Soap (the spearmint, Cape Cod Cranberry, andContinue reading “reader request: current addictions, january.”

Favorite Things: 1,204 Reasons to Love Whale Tshirts and Expensive Frye Footage!

Can I please declare in this space how much I desire this brilliant Brown Brainy Whale t-shirt by Splitting Image from Never Ender? The shirt, which features the grammatically incorrect French phrase “Grand est le cerveau de la baleine”, which translates to “Large is the Brain of the Whale”, features a delicious line drawing ofContinue reading “Favorite Things: 1,204 Reasons to Love Whale Tshirts and Expensive Frye Footage!”