I have done it. My ginger snaps are pretty damn good, if I pat myself on the back a little. But, I’ve managed to perfect making 24 perfectly round and symmetrical cookies in one go.

It’s cookie perfection.


It’s that time of season–when I whip out the ginger, and cloves, and cinnamon, and make dream cookies with them. I’m feeling fall finally…are you?

Ginger snaps — yes, please. Have I mentioned how amazing it is to cook in my new kitchen? And how much sunlight there is! I’m living in a sun drenched world….at least, when I’m home, that is.

ginger & cloves, 10.15

I really love baking. I wish there was more time for it, of course. But these ginger cookies are my lasting savior of time–utterly perfect every batch, I can whip up two dozen of these with my eyes closed. And the smells from the oven. Oh, the smells. And just a mixing bowl and cookie sheet to clean up.

Some things, you just need to be simple, yet mind numbing.

baked, 9.27

Sometimes you just want to get home, throw the mixing bowls and spoons out on the counter and get to work. A tough week means pouring over one thing I know always comes out right: my ginger snaps.