So, long…cry, and laugh, and cry about it all again…

There’s no reason in crying over spilled…spilled pulpy juice, is there? Well, as some of my readers already know, at the weekend Google officially closed my blogger account for the beloved Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced! blog.

Apparently, I repeatedly violated their terms of service with my non-compliance regarding the Digital Millenium Copyright Act by posting tracks from various bands I adore; I can count on my fingers several times in which P.R. agencies gave me approval to post various tunes and I still received cease and desist notices.

The entire issue is one of complex annoyance–one that involves an ever-changing audience of readers who no longer trust reviewers opinions as a reason to buy as we did when we picked up magazines a decade ago; and while I quietly sit in denial over the 4 years or so of hard work and writing, a little archive of my adoration for all things instrumental, I have yet to decide how I shall proceed. Will I continue P&C at its own domain? Likely.

For now, I’m taking a break from music blogging to clear my head and reach the anger and acceptance stages in all of this.

Thanks to all of you who read P&C faithfully, and in turn, support my endeavors in crafty here too. It means the world.

[Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne.]

Totally geeking out…

I work with Google Apps all day long as a technology instruction librarian…trying desperately to find solutions in education using these tools.

And some brilliant knitters created this amazing video for Google Chrome, the web giant’s latest venture in Browser creation, to highlight all its best features.

It’s freaking brilliant.

The amount of work that went into this video must have been pretty incredible, and it totally delivered.

I think I’m geeking out, like crazy. No, I’m definitely geeking out like crazy.