witches fingers, monster toes, 10.31

These brilliant Martha Stewart finger and toe soft pretzels are so god damn amazing and hands down the best Halloween finger food I’ve ever made. The witches fingers and monster toes are fairly labor intensive, but so well worth it. I hand painted each fingernail (made of whole almonds) with red food coloring. Sprinkled withContinue reading “witches fingers, monster toes, 10.31”

When the day gets chilly, welp, make some….!

Last night, while sporting the blahsies from a late night of pint imbibing over Halloween (of which I was Wendy Thomas of the famous burger chain, and gave out double stack cheeseburgers from said burger chain all night, and my good friend Esteban Miguel came along as a Priest, and beautifully posed while drinking trappistContinue reading “When the day gets chilly, welp, make some….!”