bed knitting.

I’ve been going through a particularly stressful couple of weeks. It will all lead to great things and changes for me, but its been trying at times and left little else in the way of craft, knit, bake, make, think, read, breathe.

So last night, I finally decided to put time aside to hit bed early and to take a new project with me. Since the end of 2014, I have put myself on a yarn buying moratorium. I have quite a large stash and wanted to work from that, save money, and reduce the amount of bins I have with sweater amounts of yarn for projects I thought I wanted to knit but never got around to, or inevitably changed my mind about.

Enter my latest cast on, the amazing Birdie Fair Isle Sweater by the amazing Hannah Fettig of Knitbot. I just love her patterns, especially because they are often top down, which I’ve learned just fit my body better than bottom ups. I’ve finished most of the fair isle chart in one evening and its a 100% stash busting sweater.

The body (or main color) is Malabrigo Merino Worsted in frank ochre, which I have had in my stash since about 2007 (wow). The fair isle detail is a combination of: polar morn for the border, natural for the background, and Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in nest for the birds.

There isn’t a thing I don’t love about this cardigan, so far.


I’ve been wanting to knit one of Hannah Fettig’s Fox Caps for awhile now and never got around to it. I know my good friend Mack would love one of these, so she is definitely getting one of these.

This first one was knit using 2 skeins of Knit Picks Palette (I have a Palette 100, which has been upped to 150,  for any color work projects I want to knit up on a whim and let me tell you, that is life changing in and of itself) in the charcoal color for the main and pennyroyal for the little foxes, which is a light lavender gray which really reads gray in this photo.

I definitely want to make one with pink in it, and browns, and blues, and purples. The combinations are endless. Expect to see a few more of these here on the blog; they only take a day or so to knit.

wearing willard.

I wore Willard last week and got loads of compliments. The fit is perfect. I like my sweaters to usually have about +2 inches of ease, and this hits the target mark. I seem to only get the best fit when I’m knitting a top down raglan sweater. Bottom up ones are often too long in the sleeves (despite following exact directions and gauge) and the yoke feels tight and uncomfortable over the top of my arms. What’s more, the armpits seem to hang low, not nice and snug as evidenced by Willard.

Does anyone have any tips for getting a better fit for bottom up sweaters? Most of the ones I want to knit are bottom up, but I’m hesitant because I’m never happy with the fit.

Please advise.

More on my Willard pullover here.

finished willard.

I finally finished my Willard pullover by Hannah Fettig. It shouldn’t have taken since the end of November because it was a simple top down with a bit of color work at the yoke. Alas, holiday knitting got in the way.

This sweater is beautiful finished. It is everything I hoped it would be when I first stumbled on the pattern and wanted to knit it. I didn’t make any modifications and knit the 36″ size because I hate my sweaters to be skin tight–I like 2-4 inches of ease on most of my garments. Knit up using Quince and Co.’s Owl yarn in the tyto color way for the main color and canyon for the contrast, I’m so pleased with the color choice even though there was much hemming and hawing because of limited availability of owl at the time.

You should definitely knit the Willard. Snaps when I finally wear it. Read my travels with knitting the Willard here.

finish line.

Last sleeve of my Willard Pullover by Hannah Fettig. I’m so close I can taste it. One more day, and I can check this one off the list. I’d like to finish this sweater called Scatter next (which I started in early November but abandoned because I forgot the needles I needed one weekend so lost steam–does this happen to you?), but the tug to knit a pair of Valentine’s socks for my guy, as well as Grettir for my mum’s birthday are pulling at me.

Has anyone knit Grettir? I just love it. I have to knit one for her and one for me.


I finally finished the body of my Willard pullover by Hannah Fettig, as part of the Knitbot Yoked collection. The sweater had been on the back burner as the holidays approached, but it’s now front and center again.

I should be finished this week, with only the sleeves left (man! I hate knitting the sleeves; I love top down raglans for their ease and ability to fit as you go, but the benefits of a bottom up just for getting the sleeves out of the way are….oh…).

This is knit up with Quince and Co.’s gorgeous Owl, in the tyto colorway for the main, and canyon for the color work on the yoke. I love it.

Onward, to the sleeves. Hopefully I’ll actually get a descent finished shot; usually I just post a picture on a hanger or a terrible shot of me wearing it. I’ll try harder in 2015 to get better finished project snaps.

What are you finishing up this month? Read more about my Willard here.


Here’s the progress I’ve made in the last week on my Willard Fair Isle Pullover by Hannah Fettig. I love the results so far. It’s a really quick knit. The only finnicky part so far was the tubular cast on. I don’t know why mine was coming out so loose, so I definitely took it out more than once.

This sweater is knit up using Quince and Co Owl in tyto for the main color and canyon for the yoke color work. I love the combination and I don’t have any of these colors in my wardrobe. It’s a perfect move away from gray and more gray and gray.

The fair isle portion takes no time at all and is really easy to memorize. I should have this done shortly, but it’s been sidelined for some Christmas gifts, which I did say I wasn’t going to do this year. Sigh. I always get myself into stitches.

owl bounty.

My mum is an amazing person. She recently took me on a trip to Portland to visit Knit Wit, a yarn shop I’ve been dying to patron. And on top of that, she bought me 10 skeins of delicious Owl yarn by Quince and Co (a  Maine-based yarn company whose flagship in shop sales location happens to be this store) for a pattern I’ve been wanting to knit from Hannah Fettig’s Knitbit Yoked collection.

This is tyto for the main color and canyon for the detail to make the Willard Fair Isle pullover.

Eventually, I’d like to knit every sweater in the collection. They are all gorgeous, as are any of Hannah Fettig’s patterns.

What do you plan on knitting this winter?