Sean and I finally decided on some art for our bedroom. It’s one of the last places where we hadn’t picked a single thing for the walls. I think this R.C. Gorman is perfect for the space.

Next spring, we might change the wall color. Home decorating is a process; I’m slow, at times, to make a decision. I try to be thoughtful with every purchase and have been collecting one of a kind antique pieces for years. I think it’s paying off.

porch life.

Finally, home feels settled. And after years of living in the city without proper outdoor space, I have not one–but two–giant porches. One facing east toward downtown in the back, and one facing west and the world’s best sunsets.

The back porch is a great place to enjoy an after work cocktail, or a book on a warm Saturday morning. I love that it feels like a living room. And our pooch, Jackie B, certainly loves it, too. I’m spending as many fall evenings out here as I can.


I’m a homeowner! Sorry for the outburst, I’m just still beyond thrilled and shocked that I’ve actually made a huge goal of mine come true–to buy a place of my own in Boston city limits. It’s been a long time coming, but I couldn’t be more ready to move into my place.

I closed at the beginning of April, but am leasing back the place to the former owners for 2 months. So, while I await my early June move in date, I’m doing a few do it yourself home decor projects.

I recently found an antique bench that would look amazing under some of the many windows in my new place. Seeing beyond the quilted fabric on top of the piece, I looked at the bones of the piece—beautiful solid wood legs with an interesting shape, and the easy ability to remove the current upholstery on the seat and replace it with something unique, means something to me, and lastly, fitting to my personal aesthetic.

And so, I’ve been sourcing and purchasing pieces of Pendleton fabric in large enough pieces to refinish the bench. I want to have options so I can see which will look best based on size and scale of pattern to bench; I can also use any of the remnants I don’t pick for future items of any kind.

More snaps when I decide and finish the bench.

paint samples.

It was official last Friday. I closed on my first home; I won’t move in until June (it’s a lease back for 59 day situation, which is perfect timing because we will be out off work for school summer break) but in the meantime, I’m plotting in my head where my furniture will go, purchasing a few new items mostly found through antiquing (score: a danish mid century modern angled book shelf that looks exactly like this one for an appallingly cheap $30), and of course, deciding on paint colors.

The entire condo is painted a gentle yellow, which is fine for the guest bedroom and maybe for now, the bathrooms. But I’d like to put my own stamp on the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. I’m thinking shades of green–all lighter and maybe leaning grayish. I think it will be a nice compliment to the historic details. And I hate dark paint colors.

More to come as I get to decorate my first owned place.