parsley biscuits.


For chicken and biscuits in yesterday’s crazy all day downpour that begs for comfort foods and tucking in and staying in.

This recipe has a decent number of steps, but is relatively easy to make, and creates A TON, so I always reserve some with unbaked biscuits on top for the freezer. Then you have a meal some random night when you are in a pinch. Just bake it off, and voila.


What else should I tackle in the kitchen this month?

When it’s a soupy mess of humidity out there…

If you’re looking for a deliciously light summer soup that can be served cold or hot, look no further than Ina Garten’s Fresh Pea Soup.

It’s so light, herby, and fresh despite the fact you’d think it wouldn’t fill you on up. It will. On a hot summer day, it’s perfect, really. The combination of fresh peas, chives, mint, and yummy leaks is brilliant, really. Plus, a mixing in of creme fraiche at the end adds this added creamy yum.

The recipe was really simple to follow and I got a chance to use chives and mint from my herb garden. Amazing. About the most difficult part of this entire soup is cleaning the dirty, dirty leaks. If that’s the most difficult part, sign yourself up.

I tried it both cold and hot and it was equally lip smacking, though I’d say I preferred it slightly hot because if I’m going to go for a cold soup, I’m straight for the gezpacho. Ooh, gazpacho, I love thee.

….Onto the next summer soup!

Certainly not whipped up, but worth the whisk and the dishes…

There are just some nights that you absolutely crave something, despite the care and diligence it takes to actually create it.

No whipping up, here, for sure.

But if you’ve never had Ina Garten’s Portobello Mushroom Lasagna, I have no idea what you are waiting for. It’s gorgeous, brilliant, delicious, you name it. It’s it.

The cheesy goodness, coupled with the butter sauteed mushrooms, gush! And despite being a load of steps (including prepping the mushrooms and sauteing them, as well as stirring and thickening the bechamel sauce, never mind the actual assembly of the lasagna itself), there are just those nights…

Some mods to Ina’s recipes I swear by: substituting half unsalted butter with half salted butter because it gives the mushrooms added flavor, adding a mix of Parmesan cheese and Gruyere, despite it only calling for the parm, and forgoing the nutmeg because even though the world over claims it enhances white sauces, I hate hate hate nutmeg in savory cookery.

There you have it.

What kinds of recipes do you just have to create some nights after work, despite them lacking that “whip it up!” quality?

Tart perfection…

Might I suggest you try baking this Tomato Goat Cheese tart if you want to achieve the following:

1. The incredible feeling of goat cheese crumbling through your fingers, and the inevitable chance at licking up the traces left behind

2. The incredible smells that waft from your oven as this here tart bakes

3. The incredible joy when you see how beautifully it turns out–no one could ever know by looking at it how simple the recipe really is!

4. The incredible sense of relief when you finally dig in and find out its even better than you imagined it sounded

…and yes, all of the above will happen, in said order, when you create Ina Garten, the loverly Barefoot Contessa’s, Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart.

After seeing Ina make it on Wednesday, I just had to have it on Thursday, and happened to have most, if not all the fixings available on hand in fridge, freezer and cubbard.

The goat cheese in this dish is warmed perfectly and melts in your mouth, the tomatos burst under the heat of the oven, and the cooked to nothingness sweet onions are so flavorful thanks to splashes of kosher salt, white wine, thyme, and basil.

Please, please! If you’re looking for a vegetarian option at dinnertime, a light bit of fare, or a scrumptious appetizer for any party….make this. It’s almost too simple to know how to handle it.