inspiration | murakami.

I recently went to see Takashi Murakami’s major exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and it was jaw dropping in its inspiration. The Octopus Eats its Own Leg is staggering and his attention to ancient Japanese practice to inform contemporary work really impressed upon me. The pattern above now serves as a majorContinue reading “inspiration | murakami.”

Go on, Jenna…

The other night, my good friend r.r. summoned me outside Gather Here, one of my favorite stitch lounges owned by friend Virginia; it was to be a covert journey to a new space upstairs which Virginia was feverishly working in that night, while we were downstairs at her Thursday night pints and purls event weContinue reading “Go on, Jenna…”

fisherman’s wool, 10.13

Despite the fact you can pick it up just about anywhere, I’m always so smitten with fisherman’s wool. I love the sea in winter, particularly here in Massachusetts. As soon as the weather is finally just cold enough to see your breath in the mornings and evenings, to where when myself and a friend walkContinue reading “fisherman’s wool, 10.13”

gifted, 1.25

My friend Rebecca is an incredible artist and teacher. She recently photographed my apartment for a project and as a thank you (which was completely unnecessary as it merely required me to invite her over one Saturday morning, which I’d been wanting to do anyways!), gifted me one of her stunning fabric paintings. I loveContinue reading “gifted, 1.25”

inspiration, 2.2

When I was in high school and college, I took a lot of random art classes at the Art Insitute where I grew up. Drawing with vine charcoal, drawing boxes over and over, painting at apple orchards with gouche. Since then, I’ve dabbled a bit here and there; recently, my mum told me she hopedContinue reading “inspiration, 2.2”