striped tosh.

It was chilly enough here in Boston today to wear my Ladies Striped Raglan sweater designed by Jane Richmond. You may remember I finished it last summer–but I believe this is only the second time I’ve worn it.

The espadrilles shocking pink is really perfect for spring and summer and is making me want to knit another since the fit is downright perfect. I’m imagining endless possibilities–colors, stripes, solids, etc.

Come next week, when my large move is complete, I can happily return to the making and knitting.

striped raglan.

I finished this basic top down striped raglan by Jane Richmond in August and am finally snapping some photos of it. I have yet to wear it, but love the fit.

Some modifications I made: the striping sequence is 14 rows in the main color and 3 rows in the contrasting, no waist shaping for a boxier / roomier fit (I don’t always like basic wardrobe sweaters to be form fitting), and a stretchy bind off for the bottom because the regular one I originally did felt constricting at the hips. I also did a traveling jogless stripe technique so you wouldn’t be able to tell when the striping color was introduced; I think it came out as well as it could have with the striping beginning at the center front. Next time, if I did striping, I would do a color change under the arm so it wouldn’t require so much blocking to get the jogless stripe to look seamless with the rest of the sweater, but ultimately, for a first go around with a color change right at the center chest, I think it came out pretty well.

Lots of techniques to play with in this basic sweater formula, for sure. Give it a go and let me know what you do!

You can read my project notes at ravelry. This sweater was knit up using about 4 skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino in the espadrilles colorway for the main, and copper penny for the contrasting stripes. You can also see more snaps of the sweater here and here.

So happy with the end result.

striped pullover.

For some reason, I never actually, in all my years of knitting, have made a really simple, straight forward, top down raglan sweater in stockinette. I’ve started a million; never finished, frogged, and started something different, favoring sleeve details or fair isle motifs or cardigans.

Until now.

Using Jane Richmond’s Ladies Classic Raglan Sweater, I decided to make myself a simple, but classic, pullover. Instead of my usually boring color palette, I opted to instead indulge in some Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the espadrilles colorway, which I’d been cooing over for awhile. Pink usually isn’t my thing; but this color, oh it couldn’t be resisted. For the stripes, its more tosh in the glazed pecan colorway.

I love the contrast in colors and its amazing how green the glazed pecan looks against the espadrilles colorway. More snaps when its finished. This is a really quick knit–a few days or so. All I have left is the sleeves.

More information on the few mods I made at my ravelry page, including no waist shaping (yay boxy sweaters!) and a stretchy bind off.

sweater schematics, 7.24


I’ve finished the gorgeous Amiga Cardigan (with a few slight mods) in some amazing natural Louet Euroflax Wet Spun Linen, and whilst its blocking (photos of the finished garmet forthcoming), I have begun the process of casting on for a new sweater.

I’ve already got one other on the needles, but its a lengthy little project and quite a lot of stockinette so I’m looking for something with a bit more quick gratification. The Sedum Sweater by Jane Richmond will be perfect for fall and I bought the required yardage for the sweater back last winter or Spring, so its high time I hop to.

One of the best parts about starting a new sweater project is pouring over the schematics of fit–and that’s just what I’m doing this morning.

Box o’ modely snaps?

My best friend from college, Jessica “Mim” George, dropped this glorious snap of herself wearing my Marian was my Grandmother cowl in my inbox while I was on vacation for the past week. What a glorious item to await me upon my arrival home! I adore seeing Kraftworkin’ objects with their rightful owners.

The Marian was included in that box I recently sent her and I’m so pleased I included the cowl, which I had deemed a failure, until I saw it on her lovely neckbone! It looks so much better on her than it ever did when I modeled it for photos.

Don’t forget to read her musings at Go Team Sweet!

Double Fail?

Recently I completed two cowls–neither of which I totally fell in love with….on me!

They looked so stunning in Ravelry, I had to knit them up immediately. Then when they were finally done blocking and I was able to wear them, I decided they looked blah on me and thought I might gift them out.

The one pictured above is a Marian by Jane Richmond. Jane’s looks so much more exciting than mine. Perhaps its my yarn choice; I used one skein of Cascade Magnum in a yellow colorway–it seemed a suitable substitute. What’s more, mine has a huge twist in it, more so than what appears in the pattern, even though I did as directed.

The second fail is the Tuesday Night Cowl by Susan Lawrence. While its not as fail-worthy as my Marian, I still don’t know if the Lamb’s Pride Bulky I chose is a perfect match for this pattern. Susan’s Tuesday Night comes with brilliant directions for adapting with all kinds of yarn–you can make this cowl using Bulky weight, Aran weight, and Worsted Weight yarns, which is GENIUS really.

But Susan’s cowl is so much more drapey and relaxed, it makes mine look so tight it… here’s where I will refrain from any crass jokes.

What do you think? Any takers of my two fails?

You can check out more snaps of each cowl at their Flickr sets, respectively. Here for the Marian and here for the Tuesday Night.