In New York…Day Dos.

The greatest Salt bagel, ever. With uber-delicious tofu cream cheese. Who knew there were so many smears? Jessica devouring her tofu smeared bagel and a giant Iced Coffee; the perfect start to a monumental day trek through the city that started in Gramercy, went on to Chelsea, moved into Soho, and ended with an epicContinue reading “In New York…Day Dos.”

Box o’ modely snaps?

My best friend from college, Jessica “Mim” George, dropped this glorious snap of herself wearing my Marian was my Grandmother cowl in my inbox while I was on vacation for the past week. What a glorious item to await me upon my arrival home! I adore seeing Kraftworkin’ objects with their rightful owners. The MarianContinue reading “Box o’ modely snaps?”

Box o’…Take Dos.

I love giving friends giant boxes o’ random fun. It’s something that pleaseth me mucheth. Yesterday, I put the finishing touches and preps on a package that’s to go out today to my good friend, Jessica “Mim” George, who I will be rendezvousing in NYC with just next month. A key to some of theContinue reading “Box o’…Take Dos.”

I spun around in my chair thanks to this sheep…

The ever amazing Jessica George, who authors the splendid Go Team Sweet! blog, is one of my bestest friends from college.  An avid and ambitious cupcake baker and street artist, Jessica has recently returned to the states after living for several years in New Zealand. And smuggled in her luggage, for this here me, sheContinue reading “I spun around in my chair thanks to this sheep…”

Tonight is “Danger”, baby, I feel so dangerous…

One of my closest friends from college, Jessica “Mim” George–who blogs delicious treats (she’s a cupcake baker extraorindaire, ok?!) over at Go Team Sweet! and did a post about her cupcaking and a post about her hula hooping fascination for Kraftworkin’ a year or so ago–has recently moved back stateside after living in New ZelandContinue reading “Tonight is “Danger”, baby, I feel so dangerous…”

A w-hooping good time?

This post was a request I made to my closest college mate, Jessica “Mim” George, who is a music devotee (blogging sometimes at my other love Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced! and of course here, about cupcakes whatelse?), lover of all things kitsch, street artist, crafter, and of course, hooper. She has recently taken to theContinue reading “A w-hooping good time?”