f.o.: carrowkeel sweater.

I love this sweater. This is one of the first non-baby sweaters that I have made which has a ton of seaming; I was really nervous about my patience with creating clean, invisible seams, as well as my ability to make sure it fit well at the shoulders without puckering. And I have to say…Continue reading “f.o.: carrowkeel sweater.”

A springtime bandit in the wind…

Finally, I’ve taken a few snaps of the Springtime Bandit, a triangular scarf I made for my Mum for her birthday this year. The blocking came out perfect in my h.o.; I hate when lace looks overly stretched and even though I would have liked to get a bit more out of this guy toContinue reading “A springtime bandit in the wind…”

Springtime is coming like a bandit? Hopefully.

I mentioned a bit ago that I was creating the Springtime Bandit for my Mum for her birthday–and decided it’d be a really good Rav-Olympics project since I started it during Opening Ceremonies. Welp, its pretty much finished now; it needs blocking and weaving in of ends, but I absolutely adore the final result. TheContinue reading “Springtime is coming like a bandit? Hopefully.”