My Laight Street Wrap is growing. I’ve put it aside this week to work on a really small project for my next week house guest. But, with that nearing the finish line, back at it I will be. I’m more than halfway finished now, so it’s only a matter of days before you can finally see finished results.

It will need a good, hearty blocking first, of course.

Do you always block your knits? I block everything. And I mean everything. It makes each knit look professional, coaxes the stitches into relaxation, and is a necessary last step if you want your finished products to looked polished.

Grab the Laight Street Pattern by Kirsten Kapur here. What are you waiting for?

xmas gifted, #2.

One of my closest friend’s, Mack, is downright one of the most fun people to knit for because she looks amazing in just about anything you give her (like here). What’s more, whimsy fits her well, so it felt very natural that I would whip up a pair of Through the Loops’ Reykjavik mittens as part of her Christmas gift.

The little houses really sealed the deal, for me, and about the hardest thing about this project was selecting the color combination. I went with pretty much the same featured in one of the pattern pairs but I chose a slightly brighter red, Knit Picks Telemark in Poppy, for the accent color.

As always, more snaps of the mittens at the Isles of Mittens Flickr set.

What do you think? I really want to make the matching hat for myself. Yes, no?