wearing willard.

I wore Willard last week and got loads of compliments. The fit is perfect. I like my sweaters to usually have about +2 inches of ease, and this hits the target mark. I seem to only get the best fit when I’m knitting a top down raglan sweater. Bottom up ones are often too long in the sleeves (despite following exact directions and gauge) and the yoke feels tight and uncomfortable over the top of my arms. What’s more, the armpits seem to hang low, not nice and snug as evidenced by Willard.

Does anyone have any tips for getting a better fit for bottom up sweaters? Most of the ones I want to knit are bottom up, but I’m hesitant because I’m never happy with the fit.

Please advise.

More on my Willard pullover here.


Here’s the progress I’ve made in the last week on my Willard Fair Isle Pullover by Hannah Fettig. I love the results so far. It’s a really quick knit. The only finnicky part so far was the tubular cast on. I don’t know why mine was coming out so loose, so I definitely took it out more than once.

This sweater is knit up using Quince and Co Owl in tyto for the main color and canyon for the yoke color work. I love the combination and I don’t have any of these colors in my wardrobe. It’s a perfect move away from gray and more gray and gray.

The fair isle portion takes no time at all and is really easy to memorize. I should have this done shortly, but it’s been sidelined for some Christmas gifts, which I did say I wasn’t going to do this year. Sigh. I always get myself into stitches.