from my design book, 9.29

I have this habit of making sweaters. A lot of them, I have literally, a collar to finish, or buttons to affix; and instaed, I let them sit, languishing in a project bag, for months, sometimes years. What’s my problem? Project fatigue? Moving on to something else? Not loving how its turning out? Who knows.Continue reading “from my design book, 9.29”

Inspiration for knitting design.

I am inspired by the recent Craftzine post about using your photographs to create color palettes. I’ve been thinking for awhile about designing something for fall with the different hues of my one true love: coffee. Colors like cafe au lait (slightly milky), black (like I drink it), and beyond. And I wanted to useContinue reading “Inspiration for knitting design.”

Phases of design…

I find it incredibly intriguing how other knitters go about designing patterns; a knitter student bee of mine came into my office the other day and asked “how do you create stuff without a pattern?” and it prompted me to really think about how I create. When I desire to knit up something that’s uniquelyContinue reading “Phases of design…”