licorice knitting, 6.8

It’s finally the end of the school year, which means much excitement at the prospect of nurturing my own creative endeavors; with that, I wanted my last knitting class to be playful and usually that means we bring candy, cakes, and all manner of sugar-filled foods for the gobbling. Instead of just eating (there wasContinue reading “licorice knitting, 6.8”

student KAL, 10.8

One of my students and I are doing the Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL together for Socktoberfest. AB is using a variegated fingering from Knit Picks, and I’m using a solid navy fingering unlabeled I had laying in my stash–this will hopefully show AB how yarn selection changes the look, feel, and mood ofContinue reading “student KAL, 10.8”

gifted, 10.1

A very happy student of mine–who I gifted her first hanks ever–showing off this beautiful new yarn she’s a proud owner of! Ususally nicer yarns are sold bundled this way–so I bought her some fingering weight, handpainted yarn in a variegated blue colorway. She might use it for the Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2010Continue reading “gifted, 10.1”

Thank you for being my little kids!

I have the best students! Thank you cards and gift cards for crafting stores and coffee shops have been dropping through my mail slot all week from various little knitters expressing thanks for teaching them and of course, notes on their summer work. I adore those little knitters and am happy they are keeping atContinue reading “Thank you for being my little kids!”

Inspirations in color…

One last look at the gorgeous palette of creations from this year’s knitters! I beam with pride; and have dozens more photos to go through and add to this Flickr set before I can close a chapter on this year’s brilliant–and lifelong–fiber artists! Any ideas for things I can do with the kids next year?Continue reading “Inspirations in color…”

Inspiration: Me as a horse…

The other day, I had some rowdy girls hanging out in my office because I have some highly coveted A/C and it was sweltering. Since they refused to focus on anything worthy like schoolwork–and I had work that needed attention–I decided to force them all into an “activity” if they were to stay and cribContinue reading “Inspiration: Me as a horse…”

Fierce, girl: Micki’s “Rude Boy Remix”.

My knitters are whipping things up in a frenzy of late; I can attribute it partly to the skill that comes with practice, as well as the fact that we, remarkably, only have approximately 5 weeks left of schooling before summer break, and they’d like to take as much guidance with them before they areContinue reading “Fierce, girl: Micki’s “Rude Boy Remix”.”

Phases of design…

I find it incredibly intriguing how other knitters go about designing patterns; a knitter student bee of mine came into my office the other day and asked “how do you create stuff without a pattern?” and it prompted me to really think about how I create. When I desire to knit up something that’s uniquelyContinue reading “Phases of design…”