process |shop.

I had an etsy shop years back–almost ten years back! I wasn’t at a time or space to really grow that shop or make it work. So, it closed. Lately, I’ve been thinking about certain aspects of my making–some of which I’d like to share with the world.  I’ve also got nearly a month andContinue reading “process |shop.”

make | hand painted necklaces.

I love trying new things. As part of my recent and burgeoning studio practice, I started painting a whole host of beads without any idea where it was going. And then, I hit the spray studio. And then, I remembered I had antiqued leather and linen yarn in my stash. Eventually, these necklaces were born.Continue reading “make | hand painted necklaces.”

grain & gram, 4.27

I just discovered Grain & Gram, and despite clearly stating it’s a gentleman’s journal, I care not–this is my new favorite blog, hands down. Not only is every photograph, design, created with hands endeavor absolutely stunning, I mean…the rest speaks for itself. What does it say about me that I really dig, apparently, a qualityContinue reading “grain & gram, 4.27”