I had my first Paloma whilst visiting Phoenix in June. If you’ve never had one, its a play on a margarita, but with the deliciousness of grapefruit soda.

It’s my thing, now, so I’m making them at home in New England, to try and relive that first moment.

margarita, 7.4

I’ve developed a new margarita recipe, road tested on a large group (including one of my mum’s friends, who graciously agreed to model her cocktail for me), and definitely the only way I want to drink a margarita anymore (who are we kidding, I’ll drink any margarita, but this one takes the cake).

It’s really only a few elements, done in style: silver tequila, a splash of cointreau, fresh squeezed lime juice, ice, salt, and one secret ingredient which makes this so light and fresh.

Ask me to make you one; you can guess the special add in.