caramelized shallot / greek yogurt.

You know how there are plenty of things not worth making at home? That don’t reap homemade rewards? Like my brilliant little project this winter to fret under the endless cutting of tiny conversation hearts? Well, onion dip does not fall into that category of its not better than the store bought. It is. ThisContinue reading “caramelized shallot / greek yogurt.”

lighter sesame noodles.

I’ve been in a winter food rut; continually going to tried and true favorites, comforts, and easy recipes because this cold has put me in a funk. Call it lack of motivation to try something new, I guess. But last night, I decided to rip myself out of it by easing in gently. Enter MarthaContinue reading “lighter sesame noodles.”

witches fingers, monster toes, 10.31

These brilliant Martha Stewart finger and toe soft pretzels are so god damn amazing and hands down the best Halloween finger food I’ve ever made. The witches fingers and monster toes are fairly labor intensive, but so well worth it. I hand painted each fingernail (made of whole almonds) with red food coloring. Sprinkled withContinue reading “witches fingers, monster toes, 10.31”

Neck Scarves Take Dos…

Awhiles back, I made my Mum one of these Martha Stewart Knitted Neck Scarfs for warmer weather, particularly the weather we’re having right now. I did a very small post on it and snapped an awful photo of it with my Mac’s built in camera and tossed it off to her to get wearing. ThatContinue reading “Neck Scarves Take Dos…”

Nothing chocolate…nothing gained?

For some reason, I had a serious hankering to whip up a new cookie recipe featured in the October issue of Everyday Food by Martha Stewart, which not only has death by chocolate desserts, but delicious looking one pot wonders and yummy talapia which make me drool. Everyday Food is one of my favorite monthlyContinue reading “Nothing chocolate…nothing gained?”