xmas gifted, #2.

One of my closest friend’s, Mack, is downright one of the most fun people to knit for because she looks amazing in just about anything you give her (like here). What’s more, whimsy fits her well, so it felt very natural that I would whip up a pair of Through the Loops’ Reykjavik mittens as part of her Christmas gift.

The little houses really sealed the deal, for me, and about the hardest thing about this project was selecting the color combination. I went with pretty much the same featured in one of the pattern pairs but I chose a slightly brighter red, Knit Picks Telemark in Poppy, for the accent color.

As always, more snaps of the mittens at the Isles of Mittens Flickr set.

What do you think? I really want to make the matching hat for myself. Yes, no?

Antlers up!

Finally got some snaps of the months ago completion of The Antlers mittens by Alexa Ludeman. I love, love, love these mittens.

Even though the pattern called for Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes, I used a very similar Malabrigo Merino Worsted Kettle Dyes in a black current/deep purple colorway and I’m pretty confident this yarn swap did a stand up job. Malabrigo is just so soft and delicious thanks to those slight variations in color. Yum, yum, yum.

Of course, the photo snapping inspiration came from the original pattern–Alexa’s photos of coffee mug and flannel were so fitting, I just had to recreate it in my own way. The detailing of the cabling pops in the snaps, which makes for my own quiet delight.

The Antlers might be my favorite mitten pattern I’ve created this year; it’s strong competition for the Quo Vadis.

As always, more snaps of The Antlers at its Flickr set.

Oh, you can check out my project on Ravelry, too.

Another Neut?! Enough already.

Working on yet another pair of the Neutron Mittens.

I’m pretty confident that numero dos will be my last pair for awhile. But I wanted to see how much this pattern changed as the colorways changed.

You can follow my progress on these mitts at its Ravelry page; better yet, if I buckle down to finish current WIPs this weekend before starting new projects, they’ll be done in no time.

Unfortunately, I’m not counting on being that disciplined…

As always, more snaps of the Neut Dos mittens at the Isles of Mittens Flickr set.

Fair Isle Frost…

As the frost sets in for a solid Boston winter, it also posed the perfect opportunity to knit up a pair of mittens to fend off the frost.

Immediately after seeing the Quo Vadis fair isle mittens by Spilly Jane, I had to have a pair (or a couple) for friends, family, and maybe even myself when we get right down to it. The pair pictured above is the first in this endeavor; I’ve already completed another mitten and half of its other half in a different colorway.

And I couldn’t be more pleased.

Spilly Jane’s pattern is clear and the chart is easy to read. You can create any combination of colors to make each pair of these mittens stand on its own, and the sizing is just perfect for my hands, so I have zero complaints. Plus, the pattern is offered up as a free Ravelry download, so there are absolutely no excuses to not making this very set of warmers.

Plus, fair isle knitting is particularly great for mittens; it creates an added layer of padding in the mitten without necessarily having to knit an “inner mitt”, and in my humble opinion, that makes me quite excited.

This winter I intend to break all Kraftwork records and make as many Fair Isle style mittens as possible. You can track my progess on the endeavor at its very own Flickr set.

I wish I had remained in the Twilight regarding this film…except for the mittens, of course.


I’m finally getting around to posting those Bella Swan inspired mittens I made as a birthday gift for a friend. I think they came out beyond splendid (as I’ve already started making another pair and have one mitten done and a second cast on in this amazing bluish gray yarn) and I’m pretty sure they were a well-liked gift.

I’m hoping to make a pair for myself and some others, but I’ll have to be patient as I don’t think many of the yarns in my stash will be the perfect match for these amazing cabled mitts. It’s all in the yarn kittens, all in the yarn.


I’m quite pleased with how well the yarn took the horseshoe like cable since it was a tweed yarn, but it’s not distracting at all. What’s more, the ribbing at the top gives them this really cool stretch. Golf freaking claps to the designer, Subliminal Rabbit, for creating the pattern for these glorious mitts. Golf freaking claps.

On a side note: my friend Esteban Miguel and I went to see the Twilight film this past Friday (of which I’d read the book in a mere 1-2 days flat right before so I’d have reference point and wouldn’t be in the dark) and we were morbidly (no pun intended) disappointed. Overacting, scary blood red lips on a one Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, subsequent brooding and angsty emo-esqueness of Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen, and generally poor cinematography and screenwriting. Boosies. The film’s highlight? A laughing lady in front of us, a knitting movie goer next to (really? please. It’s a movie!) and of course, when Bella Swan’s mittens made an appearance. Just sayin’…

Naturally, I had to be all goofy and try them on all different ways and no hows and go nuts. Because, welp, who wouldn’t want to, really?


Sinking my teeth into another pair…


I finally finished both of the Iceland tweed lopi Twilight inspired cabled mittens I mentioned earlier in the week and I haven’t been this pleased with the outcome for a project in quite some time. I would post a finished product photo (of which I’ve taken plenty) but I have to wait a week as I’ve decided they are so scrumptious they must be that birthday gift I mentioned I needed to have in line for next week.

What’s more, I am so pleased with them, I immediately cast-on another pair using a gray-ish blue yarn that’s slightly less bulky than the lopi yarn as a sort of experiment. I used the exact yarn specifications and had the exact same gauge as requested for the mittens, but somehow I found myself adapting it toward the end and shortening the finger area because the mittens were looking way too long for a normal hand.

Did anyone make these and find themselves using similar modifications? I can’t figure out why this is so, but they look splendid with one less cable repeat on the hand, so I couldn’t be more pleased that my gambles in mods worked out perfectly.

I’m so in love with these mittens despite my lack of knowledge of all things Twilight, but a lady in my work whose daughter is obsessed with Bella Swan said she’d love a pair for her daughter so perhaps put that on the list, too. You can check out frames from the film if you want a better idea.

Promises to post photos of these immense mittens post birthday party this coming weekend. Get in line for a pair!

Sink your teeth into these…


A friend of mine who recently visited Iceland brought me back some brilliant Lopi Yarn which I immediately drooled over and contemplated a proper project for. It’s this brilliant brick reddish colorway, with hints of pomegranate type pink and flecks of blue and yellow, making it a splendid tweed.

And of course, though I have not read the books nor seen the film, I found these mittens apparently worn by Bella in the Twilight films to be absolutely delicious, that I picked them as a project for this hinterland yarn. It’s a pretty simple ribbing and cable pattern and I’ve completed the entire arm and most of the gusset of the left hand mitt in barely a day, so I’m confident these will be finished stat.

I’m pretty sure I’ll gift them to my friend for her upcoming birthday, but shh, don’t tell her. I won’t post any photos of the mittens as yet so the gift isn’t a total giveaway. But I’ll be sure to take photos of them once they are complete and gifted out.

What’s more, I plan on making more of these in different yarns for different effects, and I’m actually quite pleased with how high up the arm these mittens go–ensuring warmth for this weekend’s upcoming bitter blast.

Sexy as socks on a roostaaa…

Last night, for lack of tiredness, I decided to cast on some new bulky tweed socks, hopefully meant to be done in time for the holidays as a nice comfy warm gifty.

I used Patons Merino Wool in a ruddy red tweed and CO 44 stitches on size 5 dpns. With 14 stitches on the first two needles, and 16 on the third, I am working a K2 P1 rib with a bit of a pattern change at the back which I’m hoping won’t be noticable with the tweed yarn. Crossing my fingers I won’t have to yank it out, but I’ve only done 1/2″ or so as yet so I’ll have to wait and see after a few more rows.

But I am experiencing a bit of fear that the sock feels too loose. Does anyone else ever have this problem? My gauge feels correct–if not tight for the yarn–but I feel like these wooly babies might slip down the calf if they don’t fit quite perfectly. I like sock to have a bit of stretch involved, and so far, this just feels like it gives way to stretch and collapses, rather than fights back for snug. Any suggestions, anyone, anyone?

What’s more, I made more progress on the left striped mitten I’m designing–which is adapted from another mitten pattern I had laying about. These are going to be called “Great Grape Ape Mittys” because I just like the name and just thought it up literally, as I typed. I’m pretty pleased with them minus a few weird hiccups on increases with the yarn, but I think once they are completed you won’t be able to tell–or maybe I’m just obsessing over things no one else would ever see.

The cuff is a simple K2 P1 rib, on 30 stitches. It’s increased every other row for 13 rows before the thumb stitches are left on a life-line or holder (me, being lazy and not having any within reach in bed last night, I threw two dpns from my nightstand on them, which suits just fine). I’m nearly done the mittern part–just several more rows and closure, before I pick back up the thumb and finish it off. I’ll post a picture of the left mitt once it’s completed, which I expect by the end of the week.

File Under: I’m actually getting holiday knitting done early. I’m as shocked as the next joke.