Snow ho ho’s a comin…?

These snowmen are perfect for any impending flakage the city of Boston is meant to get tomorrow. Even if it is just a dusting, you should make these splendid little round men thanks to MochiMochiland! A bunch of them I turned into Christmas ornaments that I gifted out to various friends and family for theContinue reading “Snow ho ho’s a comin…?”

This weekend called for rain…

As previously mentioned, a few months back I had an explosively delicious reunion with one of my best friend’s from college, Jessica “Mim” George, who has spent the last handful of years living as an ex-pat in New Zealand. And upon our meeting up again (over eggs and toast and copious cups of coffee atContinue reading “This weekend called for rain…”

Inspiration Numero Uno: Don’t Eat ‘Em! Read ‘Em!

As part of a new series here at Kraftworkin’, I will highlight blogs, sites, and the like around the web of a crafting nature…and the first is quite a brilliant little blog called Poison Cupcakes: Don’t Eat ‘Em! And the inspiration behind the knitting blog is even more amazing–because it’s author happens to be anContinue reading “Inspiration Numero Uno: Don’t Eat ‘Em! Read ‘Em!”

My weakness always involves eyes…

For some reason, I’ve always loved crafting kitsch. It’s the one thing my crafting friends have come to rely on in me… “Jenna, you can take care of the kitsch. Everything else will settle itself out.” It’s so true. I have a weakness for all cute little items with eyes I knit up and declareContinue reading “My weakness always involves eyes…”