The sweet nectar…

I spent the weekend at my Mum’s house, sipping any and all varieties of Espresso and reading, which, may I say, might be the best way to pass a weekend. There’s nothing like a double shot in early afternoon; this weekend, with disapprovingly cold temperatures, rain, wind, and darkness, the longing for Espresso for anContinue reading “The sweet nectar…”

When life gives you…Sir Winston.

A bored corgi is a mischievous corgi. So it happens, when life gives you corgis, you may or may not be subject to certain knitting needles gnarled, chewed–eaten to nothing but little bits of sawdust or maybe a jagged point more conducive to splinter than say, scarf. And this is exactly what happened to theContinue reading “When life gives you…Sir Winston.”

Mum’s the word? Not when it’s Mum’s Day!

Mum’s day is nearly upon us and I certainly have a lovely Mum but have sincerely lacked time to hop to and work up a homemade gift–her favorite, of course. Enter today, a breezy albeit nice and warm but gray and rainy Boston day and plenty of free time to boot, now that I canContinue reading “Mum’s the word? Not when it’s Mum’s Day!”