simmering sauce.

Weeknight eating can be tiresome. Home from work, no one to cook for but myself, I sometimes lack inspiration.

This is one of my go-to meals on such nights; mum’s homemade tomato sauce–no frills, just plain, great, home-cooked taste–piled high on a bed of spaghetti.

It looks plain gorgeous right before I hit it with an immersion blender, doesn’t it?

The smell, its just grand.

mum’s visit #1, 10.31

My mum came for a weekend visit over Halloween and she is hands down the most generous, giving person in the world. We frolicked about the city and had a glorious two days–including a trip to Brookline Booksmith, where she bought me Doctor Zhivago (I love reading Russian literature in winter!) and an adorable silver pig ornament for my Christmas tree.

Aren’t mums the best?


My mum is a whole pile of–awesome. This pile is in fact what happens when you go to spend the weekend with ere Mum and she takes you on a trip to the bookstore, followed by an absolute, hands down, take zero “nos” for answer when declaring she’d pay for the pile of glory.

Um, can I declare here I have the best Mum ever?

What’s more incredible is she threw in a few amazing extras: the latest copy of Vogue Knitting, a new book of patterns Knitting 24/7 by Veronik Avery, and a whole stack of new giant Moleskine journals for creating patterns and making notes about my stash and WIPs.

There’s nothing better than knitting books and magazines; sure I purchase a lot of patterns online (through Ravelry), but there’s something about seeing a “collection” of designs–its a progression, plus, the glossy pages and book design elements are so tasty.


When life gives you…Sir Winston.


A bored corgi is a mischievous corgi.

So it happens, when life gives you corgis, you may or may not be subject to certain knitting needles gnarled, chewed–eaten to nothing but little bits of sawdust or maybe a jagged point more conducive to splinter than say, scarf.

And this is exactly what happened to the lovely ribbon horseshoe parade pattern scarf I began making for my Mum for that special Mum’s day this weekend. While making tacos, the sneaky Sir Winston Churchill (who also likes to rip apart bits of paper, not just knitting projects) found my project in the works, dragged it to a quiet nesting spot, proceeded to eat, in entirety, one of the needles before pulling apart what I’d already worked on sticks, as well as unraveling every single bit of yarn left on spool.

It was one giant, snarly mess. And surprisingly, I didn’t anger.

File Under: onto a new idea…

Cover up your neck…so Steve Martin will like you with that “head on your shoulders”.


This is the first project I’ve actually sat down to knit in many weeks. Nary any crafting, bread baking, or heck cooking (I’ve been consuming lots and lots of cereal and fruit) has been going on in my neck of the woods, on account of two things: 1. I’m reading way too much, and 2. I’m working way too much.

But I did have time to pull a late-night Thursday to create this “neck scarf” for my Mum’s birthday this week; my Mum, who loves wearing scarves, can get fussy about “how do I drape this?” and thought the neck scarf would be the perfect fixer for the aforementioned fussy problem when she saw the pattern as she thumbed through the latest issue of Marth Stewart Living magazine.

The pattern, which is really simple and takes a couple of hours to knit up, is available here.

I have since gifted it to my Mum at her birthday party last night; she said she wants one in every color, and a matching one for her dog.

File Under: Success. Maybe I should get back to picking up sticks more often?

Elaine Harper should have worn this one in Arsenic and Lace…don’t you think?


Last night, while unable to nod off, I decided to cast-on the recent pattern by The Purl Bee, called The Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf, which is absolutely gush worthy I knew I immediately had to make it up for my Mum as a Christmas gift.

While I used a more reddish colorway than the example at The Purl Bee, I’m already adoring it. There is similarly a pattern alongside the Lace Leaf one that appears to be a simple Mock Brioche Rib, which as anyone who reads this blog diligently knows is one of my obsessions of late, so I’m glad to see I’m not sitting out on a lonely limb here.

The lace at the bottom edges of this Lacy Leaf scarf are absolutely beautiful and give this scarf a bit of a pop, without losing the warmth that a lace all the way around would not afford. I have to say, it’s moving along really quite quick, as well, which I didn’t think would be the case.

The photos couldn’t capture the lace brilliantly because I used short needles so the 60-some odd stitches are squished on there. But I’ll be sure to post another shot of it once I’m a bit further along.

If you want to make one, I highly reccommend it as a gifty for a Mum, because a Mum would love it and appreciate it more than anyone, methinks. What’s more, the pattern is free, so what are you waiting for?

File Under: My Mum loves Steve Nicks’ “Leather and Lace”…she’ll now have the lace part, anyone want to chip in for the leathers jacket?