music making, more.

As most of my readers know, I am addicted to all things instrumental. If, like me, you are devoted to all things “make” and enjoy some background tunage to help you along in whatever pursuits you have, please subscribe to the Pulp and Circumstance podcast over at itunes. In a few clicks, you’ll have usContinue reading “music making, more.”

Why weren’t “we born” in the UK? Dammit.

Photo Credit: Laurie Scavo This may be one of the greatest things I’ve heard of late; as part promotion for her forthcoming release, We Are Born (which drops in record shops July 12), the ever incredible Sia is having a contest–for knitting music lovers! I just died a bit because I don’t live in theContinue reading “Why weren’t “we born” in the UK? Dammit.”

Seeing through…

It was eye opening, realizing I can’t really go on much longer without my beloved Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced. And after a rabbit-hole late night search, I’ve found a treasure trove: the cache for about 2 years worth of work, maybe a year and 1/2 and manage to have it “bundled”. But now, I haveContinue reading “Seeing through…”

Worn, 5/7

Today was a blur; seriously…but at least I was in good company: wearing my amazing Blur tshirt, courtesy the ever incredible Mozgrrl. It’s kind of a nice contrast to the standard working woman skirt; wear a tshirt with jazz and all that hoo to flex your style a bit…at least, that’s what I do. StreetContinue reading “Worn, 5/7”

I would want to…I am game.

I adore Lisa Hannigan. Not because she is crafty as hell, but because she makes deliciously sweet tunes (receiving a Track of the Day nod over at my musical love, Pulp and Circumstance Juiced! thanks to contributed Tom Lau of Nerd Rock and My Top Five fame). And of course, her debut record Sea SewContinue reading “I would want to…I am game.”

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.”

I have to confess, I can be entertained (read: distracted from actual work) for hours with top ten lists, particularly those with interesting subjects like, “Top Ten Books I Would Save in a Fire” or “10 Mystery Novels I’d Most Like to Find in Summer Rentals” (for excellent author top ten lists, read Anna Quindlin’sContinue reading ““Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.””

It’s My Top Five…no seriously….mine.

As most of the readers probably already know, I, humble blogger, have a serious addiction to all things music, and have been blogging about said obsession for more than a year over at Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced. Two weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers Tom over at My Top Five approached me to inContinue reading “It’s My Top Five…no seriously….mine.”